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Pennington behind the door

Agent Jake Pennington is a character appearing in Condemned 2: Bloodshot in the level SCU Building. He is an SCU agent who helps Ethan Thomas escape after the SCU headquarters comes under attack by tar monsters. He is voiced by Phil Hayes

Story synopsis[]

After wandering the empty hallways for several minutes, Ethan eventually encounters Agent Pennington on the other side of a door, who informs Ethan that the building is being evacuated. At that moment, The Alcohol Demon appears and holds a gun at Pennington's head while telling Ethan that Agent Pennington is "already dead". Since the Alcohol Demon is only a figment of Ethan's mind, Pennington becomes confused when Ethan seemingly begins talking to himself. Unable to open the door due to magnetic locks, Pennington draws his handgun and shoots the door open and tells Ethan to follow him.

As they progress through the building, Ethan and Pennington witness another SCU agent, Shawn Miller, being attacked and killed by an unseen creature. Pennington is shaken by the event, but declares that they must keep moving. Afterwards, Ethan and Pennington encounter several tar creatures, as well as mutated SCU agents but are able to kill them all.

The two eventually reach a tar-covered room. However, Pennington begins to panic when he realizes the exit is no longer there. Pennington is suddenly swarmed and killed by several tar creatures, leaving Ethan alone to fight them off. However, the entire event is ultimately revealed to have been one of Ethan's hallucinations.

After waking up from his nightmare, Ethan heads to Director Ike Farrel's office for questioning. During the elevator ride up, a notice attached to the wall reveals that a memorial gathering is being planned to honor the deaths of Agent Pennington and Agent Miller, meaning that the two agents were dead all along and that the Alcohol Demon was right about Pennington's fate.