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Ethan fighting a living Mannequin

Bart's Department Store is a location featured in Condemned: Criminal Origins. It is an abandoned department store infested with enemies posing as mannequins. It also serves as a crack-den and a squat, and is linked to Burnback Alley.

The in-game address is 645 Burnside Blvd.


Bart's Department Store shut down approximately ten years ago and is now serving as a squat and a crack den,

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Bart's Department Store Atrium

as well as the hideout of the notorious serial killer known as The Match Maker. It is home to scores of live mannequins, who are actually heavily mutated addicts in disguise. A number of murders have been committed by the mannequins of the tenants (crackheads, squatters, bums, etc.) possibly for territorial reasons.

The department store still has Christmas decorations up, including a dead Christmas tree some and some warped holiday music playing in the central hub. The rest of the store features slightly dated shopping mall fare. The exterior of the store includes the buildings that make up Burnback Alley. The basement of the store, where its custodial and delivery areas are located, has severe flood damage. Living down there are the Rejects, who also inhabit the Central Metro Station.

Condemned: Criminal Origins[]

Ethan Thomas discovers the Match Maker's corpse in a changing room, posed with a female mannequin. It is also here where Ethan hallucinates that he is being followed by a group of non-living mannequins. Ethan is later found here by the FBI under charge of murder, which he never even committed.