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The Black Lake Lodge is a location featured in Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

The lodge may have been abandoned long ago due to its awful condition. It contains many rooms which are easy to get lost in and a living quarters. The beginning of the mission is started by finding the arm of an agent. Ethan then explores more into the lodge and finds the agent as well as a large deranged and dehydrated grizzly bear. Ethan is chased through many rooms by the bear until Ethan finds an unnamed agent (possibly dying) who helps him kill the bear using a shotgun and propane tanks.

As Ethan then explores the rest of the lodge he has access to many weapons as agents are trying to break into Vanhorn's library using explosives. Ethan then has to explore the lodge using his UV light to find the wires tracing the fuses to the bomb. Many firearms are available in the level, most notably Assault Rifles and Riot Guns, as well as many alcoholic bottles are found and deer mounts to use their antlers as a weapon. After Ethan defuses all the charges, he uses Rosa's help to disarm the rest of the bomb. After he enters he learns slightly more of the Oro and his parents through use of Vanhorn's computer. Shortly after Vanhorn mentions the Oro agents storm the room and shoot the computer. After a brief firefight, La Rue bursts into the side of the wall with a snowplow like vehicle. After that, the lodge is destroyed by an explosion, never to be seen again.

alt A far away shot of the infamous bear chase scene, any closer to the bear of attempt to shoot it will result in death.


If a player dies after the cutscene from the computer, if you have a gun drawn and one holstered, if you attempt to holster you will no longer be able to use the rifles or pistol and be forced to resort to melee fighting or die.


Vanhorn took SKX here to nurse him back to health after his shot wound. A room in the lodge shows photos of Oro devices and a few words written on the wall.