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A Blow-Up Doll.

Blow-Up Dolls (Also referred to as "Blow up Tommys") are enemies introduced in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. They are small, hostile baby dolls that roam the Walker Doll Factory. When the string on their chest is pulled, they explode three seconds later, similar to a hand grenade. Prior to the release of Condemned 2, Blow-up Dolls were frequently seen in images used to promote the game.


Blow-Up Dolls are heavily mutilated dolls that are poorly stitched together from multiple doll parts, though many pieces are too small. They have a smaller head attached to their right shoulder and various nails sticking out of their heads as well as small stumps for legs. When walking, their left arm swings around and their eyes glow orange.

Normally, Blow-Up Dolls walk very slowly, however, they will also crawl towards the player if he/she tries to sprint away. Their main attack is to walk up to the player, pull their string and sit at the floor while they wait to explode. Anything within 5 feet of the explosion will take damage. It is possible to kick a blow-up doll to deactivate it, however punching it will cause it to explode right away and may damage the player. It is possible for the player to pick up inactive dolls and use them as melee weapons, or throw them like grenades. These dolls are also used by the Doll Woman during the player's first encounter with her, and it is highly likely they were created by her.


  • If the player picks up a doll and blocks with it, the doll will look at the player, and then cover it's eyes, then uncover them, as if it is trying to play "peekaboo" with the player.
  • Blow-Up Dolls have the distinction of being both an enemy and a usable weapon in Condemned 2: Bloodshot.
  • When struck with a melee weapon while deactivated, the Blow-Up doll will bleed or release a squirt of blood, suggesting that human parts may have been used in their construction.