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The Camera is an investigation tool used in Condemned: Criminal Origins and Condemned 2: Bloodshot. It is used to digitally photograph evidence and send it to the lab, where Rosa can analyze it and provide information.

Condemned: Criminal Origins[]

The camera is used from the very first level onwards to photograph evidence. The only way to get a good picture is to get a good focus. Once it is focused, a green light will flash, allowing the player to take the shot. Rosa will often contact Ethan after taking a photograph to confirm that the shot came out good and to provide her analysis. It is possible to use the camera in conjuction with the Laser Light and UV Light, by flashing the light on a crime scene, then focusing the camera on the illuminated evidence and taking a picture of it.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot[]

The camera returns in Condemned 2, as part of Ethan's field kit. It is acquired prior to the start of Preston Hotel. Unlike the first game, the camera's lense takes up the entire screen and cannot be used together with the UV Light or any other investigation tool. The quality of the photos taken during forensic investigations affect the player's overall rating at the end of the level, as it counts as evidence. There are also several optional goals that require the player to photograph items, including Ethan's chest X-rays in SCU Building, the statues in the Museum, the torture devices in Trenton District, and the news van door in Junk Barge.


  • The battery level display in the top right corner of the camera's screen always stays at the same level, regardless of how often or how long the player uses the camera.