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Central Metro Station

Central Metro Station is a location in Condemned: Criminal Origins, and is the setting for Chapter 2. Possibly closed due to abestos. Ethan initially goes there to escape the police raid on his apartment, but finds photographs of himself there, which seem to have been taken from in or near the station. He then goes to search for where the pictures were developed, by following a trail of C-41 developer fluid. Eventually he reaches a room where newspaper clippings are attached to the wall, all containing articles on serial killers that Ethan had investigated. Shortly after, he encounters Leland Vanhorn and chases him through the station, eventually following him to the Metro Station Platforms.

Ethan enters the building through it's lower offices, which are rundown but are mostly opperational. The Central Station itself is a vast open area with wings at either end that lead to the Metro Station Platforms and a few empty food venues. Bellow the station is a maintenance access area and the top floor is more office space and appears to be older then the first floor offices. It includes the room across the street from Ethan's appartment where SKX was spying on him.