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Weapon Type: Melee

Weapon Category: Light Melee
Featured in: Criminal Origins, Bloodshot
Occurrence: Rare

Damage: High
Speed: Very High
Reach: Very Low

The Cleaver is a melee weapon that appears in Condemned: Criminal Origins and its sequel. It does high damage and is very fast, but has a short range. In Condemned: Criminal Origins, it is used by The Butcher and is obtained by defeating her in the school level. In Condemned 2: Bloodshot, the very same cleaver can be found on the Butcher's corpse and is used to release Director Farrel from his restraints.


  • In Criminal Origins, the player has the option of taking the cleaver after defeating the Butcher, but in Condemned 2, the cleaver is still in the kitchen, meaning Ethan never actually took it.
  • In Criminal Origins, the cleaver can be used to sever the arm of a dead crawler in the freezer, allowing the player to grab the fire axe in its hand.