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Title screen of Condemned: The Prequel Story

Condemned: The Prequel Story is a six-part online game that takes place before the events of Condemned: Criminal Origins. It is a point-and-click game in which the player (controlling Agent Mallory) must track down a serial killer (possibly the Bone Cutter). As of the time of this writing, the main game's site is down, making The Prequel Story unavailable via the official site- however it may be played via a mirror which may be accessed here:

Story synopsis[]

The game starts with Agent Mallory receiving a phone call that a body was discovered in an old run-down building. After going to investigate, he finds and photographs a blood-covered body, then discovers a photograph taped to a wall. He finds out that the photo was taken outside a public storage facility, so he goes to investigate.

Before going inside, Mallory reads a note from someone named Stern. It says that Christopher Vine, a coworker of the murder victim, has been reported missing. After going inside, Mallory finds himself in the security room, with several TVs and a VCR. There is a tape sitting on the table, so he puts it in the VCR and watches the video, which shows a man and a woman talking, followed by the man picking her up and carrying her off screen. Agent Mallory then finds an answering machine with three messages, one of which tells him to go to 646 Crestridge, where he finds an old dilapidated house.

Inside the house, Mallory finds two more photographs, and a tape recorder playing the message "I've found you. Time is running out. I will kill you" on an endless loop. He then gets another note from Stern, saying that a set of fingerprints on the murder victim belong to Christopher Vine, who has been in and out of mental institutions since he was a teenager. His next destination is another run-down building, where he finds another dead body. He also finds a ripped piece of paper with "I've left something for you at 46 Pine" written on it. When he gets there, he finds a photo of Christopher Vine, with blood on his face. Then he finds Chris laying dead in the same room. While investigating the body, he is attacked from behind by the serial killer, who chases him and eventually kills him with a 2x4.

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