Condemned Wiki

Man on record: He found me. I don’t have much time. Ethan trusted you… I… *scream*…

Rosa Angel: I received the call 10:36 this morning.

Director Ike Farrell: Any idea who this man is? Why he called you?

Rosa Angel: No, sir.

Director Ike Farrell: Where is former Agent Thomas?

Dorland: We’re not sure. It’s been 11 months since his suspension.

Rosa Angel: He was cleared of those charges…

Dorland: Right. Nevertheless, he resigned from the agency shortly after and basically disappeared… probably passed out in some gutter.

Director Ike Farrell: Unlikely. A man like that doesn’t just lie down quietly. Okay, let’s find Mr. Thomas and bring him in.

(The scene changes to a bar, and we see Ethan sitting at the counter, drinking alcohol with some drugs.)

(Alt-rock music playing in background)

Bartender: It’s for you. Says his name’s Malcolm Vanhorn.

Ethan Thomas: *Exhales* Not now.

Bartender: Alright, but if he calls again, I’m hanging up. I’m not some fucking answering machine…

(Ethan begins hallucinate and the drink in his glass turns black, but he somehow gets into the senses. After that, he tries again to drink the poured, then he is pushed by a guy in a hood that seems to him a demon. Ethan screams at him, brutally beat a guy who turns out to be an ordinary person.)

(Alt-rock music playing in background)

(Primal Scream)

(Sounds of violence)

Bartender: Get out! Now!

(Music resumes)

(Ethan breaks the glass and leaves the bar.)

(Door Slams)

Ethan Thomas (voice): That’s me, Ethan Thomas… Drunk, tired and pissed off. Why? Because this damn city is too fucking blind to see what’s killing them… but I can, I’ve seen the unspeakable, it’s out there. And l have a feeling we’re about to get better acquainted.


Bum: It’s too damn cold to be sitting in the mud. Here, let me help you up.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Piss off!

Bum: Hey… Just offering, no need to bite my head off.

Bum: *whistle*

Bum: Hey buddy, I gotta tell ya… you smell worse than I do and I sleep in garbage.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Hey, screw you!

Bum: Whoa… We got ourselves a mean drunk, a real grade A asshole… Look man, I don’t need another enemy and you probably don’t either… so let’s say we start over. I’ve got just the thing that will make us friends. Follow me.

(The game starts. Ethan follows the bum.)

Bum: I’m guessing not much’s waiting for you at home, except drinking alone. When you’re ready for that drink, give me a hand getting this gate open. Hey, step in there and open it up, will ya.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Get out of the way.

Bum: Jeez man, you broke the latch… Oh well, entrez vous (come in), my new friend. My secret stash is just over… Motherfucker! Those were mine! Wake up!

Demon: Stinking drunks… A couple of losers…

Ethan Thomas (respond): Come say that to my face!

Demon: We should kill you a long time ago.

Bum: Uh… maybe we should get out of here.

(The demon is kicking a lying bum.)

Demon: Get up all of you!

Bum 2: Ugh… Huh? Yeah man, I’ll mess him up for you.

(A fight with the bums begins. Our vagabond friend gives Ethan advises.)

FIST COMBAT: Use L1 and R1 to perform jab attacks.

HINT: Look for opportunities to strike without leaving yourself vulnerable to enemy counterattacks.

Bum: Block, man! You’re getting the shit kicked out of ya.

Bum: Hellz ya! That’s how you do it!

Bum: Ooh… ouch…

Bum: Goddamn, you’re a badass.

Bum: Come on buddy, you’re going to get your ass handed to you.

Bum: Bam! Yeah. Wooooohoooo!

Bum (if Ethan is hit): Whoa! Shake it off… you’ll recover.

Bum: Serves them right, I worked hard to acquire that stash…

BLOCK/PARRY: Press and hold L1, R1 to Block. Time your block to an enemy’s attack to perform a parry. This will cause the enemy to stumble, giving you an opportunity to counterattack.

Bum: Bam! Yeah. Wooooohoooo!

ONE-TWO COMBO: Perform two alternating jabs and then attack when the screen displays the Combo Attack timer.

HINT: A combo will fail if damage is taken at any time during the sequence.

Bum: Get in there and mix it up. You know left, right.

Bum: Hellz ya! That’s how you do it!

PARRY COUNTER COMBO: parry an incoming attack and then do a quick jab, ending with a Combo Attack.

Bum: Get in there and mix it up. You know left, right.

Bum: Hellz ya! That’s how you do it!

MELEE COMBAT: Melee combat works exactly the same as fist combat. Arm yourself with a 2x4 from the garbage can and defeat the remaining enemies.

HINT: Melee weapons will break after extended use.

Bum: He’s a piece of trash, now take him out!

Bum: Toss that dirtbag into the dumpster, like a garbage man!

Bum: Look out!

(After Ethan defeats all the homeless, a demon suddenly attacks from behind.)

Demon: Ready to have some fun?

(Demon hits Ethan with a brick, and he loses consciousness.)

(Ethan comes to himself in another place, takes his weapons and goes to explore the surroundings. He finds a TV.)

NEWS REPORTS: TV’s and radios with antenna offer important information. To find reception grab the antenna and slowly adjust it using the Right Stick.

Man on TV: Ignoring that call from Vanhorn was foolish and you knew it. Forget the past, how he used you… How he destroyed your life. Find him. Like you, he knows about them and right now that’s all you’ve got.

(The TV goes blaсk after which someone suddenly turns Ethan.)

Ethan Thomas: Vanhorn? What are you… Ugh!

(Vanhorn is looked like a zombie. He throws up some black goo on Ethan and disappears. Ethan starts looking for him.)

Man on TV: You know better than most that there’s scum in this city. Violent, hateful, fucking insane scum. There’s no talking, there’s no reasoning, just killing. Kill first or be a rotting corpse for the birds.

(Ethan continues to look for Vanhorn and finds some kind of strange device producing a nuisance noise.)

SONIC EMITTERS: These mysterious devices are scattered throughout the city. Their purpose is unknown, but they’ve been linked to the steady increase in criminal violence. Destroy them when found.

(Ethan founds another TV.)

Man on TV: The city is full of these sonic devices… they’re fucking with people’s brains and they don’t even know it. Where they come from is something you need to learn, but in the mean time, do yourself, and this city a favor: destroy them.

CHAIN ATTACKS: Chain Attacks are extremely damaging attack sequences. To initiate, double tap the L1 or R1 when near an enemy and then respond to HUD prompts as they appear on the screen.

HINT: Before a Chain Attack can be initiated, the Chain Attack Meter must be full.

ENVIRONMENTAL KILL: When an enemy is in a defeated state (on his knees) approach and press L1 R1 to put him into a headlock. Walk him to the nearest kill opportunity (white skull icon.)

(Ethan climbs out the window and sees Vanhorn walking slowly down the street.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Hey, wait!

(Ethan descends into the street and continues the pursuit. After a while he sees a helicopter and a policeman speaking into a megaphone.)

Policeman: Residents, find safety indoors immediately. Do not remain on the streets. I repeat, return to your homes and lock the doors.

(Ethan continues to search for Vanhorn and after a while again sees him in the distance behind the fence.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Vanhorn, hold up! I want to talk to you.

(Ethan goes further, battling aggressive bums, dogs and creatures from black goo.)

THROWING WEAPONS: In some cases thrown weapons can interact with the environment. Throw a weapon at the ladder cover to open.

(Ethan finds another TV.)

Man on TV: Think about it, asshole! If something happens to him, if Malcolm Vanhorn dies, you’re on your own and you’ll be left to discover the answers the hard way. Find him before it’s too late. Don’t let anger cost you your greatest ally.

HOOK ATTACK: A Hook Attack will push an enemy back, reducing his ability to quickly counter. To perform a hook attack, click L3 and then quickly press either L1 or R1.

(Ethan finds Malcolm Vanhorn locked inside some room with glass window. Vanhorn helplessly knock the window trying to escape. A black goo flows from his eyes and, it seems, he is blind.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Malcolm, what’s happened to you?

(Suddenly, something grabs him and drags into the void.)

Ethan Thomas: Oh shit!

(Ethan climbs in the window and finds in the room a lot of black goo cocoons and Vanhorn attached to the wall by a black goo and unconscious. Ethan smashes several cocoons to free Vanhorn, but when he did it the demon attacks him and again beats his head with a brick. The screen is white and Ethan is in the same place he had his first fight. Was everything happening a reality or was it the consequences of a head injury?)

Ethan Thomas: What the?!

(Ethan comes to his senses. A demon with a brick in his hands is preparing to strike a new blow, but Rosa stops him, pointing a gun on him.)

Rosa Angel: Drop it!

Demon: Hey… We’re just having a little fun.

Rosa Angel: Do it… now! Now step away. Keep your hands where we can see them.

(A demon is trying to escape.)

Rosa Angel: Stop!

Dorland: Let ‘em go. This is Dorland. Subject secured. Affirmative.

Rosa Angel: What was that about?

Ethan Thomas: …Forget it.

Rosa Angel: I need you to listen to this.

Man on record: He found me. I don’t have much time. Ethan trusted you… I… *scream*…

Rosa Angel: Do you recognize the voice?

Ethan Thomas: His name is Malcolm Vanhorn.

Dorland (over the phone): Sir, we have a positive ID. Yes, Malcolm Vanhorn.

Director Ike Farrell (over the phone): Vanhorn? Okay, get Thomas in here. We need to act on this right away.

Dorland (over the phone): Yes, sir. (approaching Ethan and pointing at him) Report to SCU in one hour.

Ethan Thomas: You’re joking!

Rosa Angel: Ethan, help us.

(Rosa and Dorland leave. Ethan also want to leave, but feels that there is someone behind him. We see a lot of faceless demons in black robes, pulling his hands to Ethan. Ethan turns back but there’s no one behind him.)

(We see a helicopter hovering in the air and an equipping soldier, as well as Rosa’s voice on the radio.)

Rosa Angel: Search Team, check in.

Dorland: Dorland here. Rooftop is secure.

Pierce Le Rue: Le Rue here, ready to give this shit hole an enema.

Pilot: No signs of activity. Good luck down there.

Dorland: Copy that.

Rosa Angel: Ethan, you with us?

Dorland (to Ethan): Listen, you agreed to help us, but if you want to crawl back under your cardboard box, that’s fine by me.

Ethan Thomas: Back off…

(The game starts. Dorland approaching Ethan.)

Dorland (to Ethan): Let’s get one thing straight, Mr. Thomas, you’re here to help us locate and identify Malcolm Vanhorn, nothing more. Understood?

Ethan Thomas (respond): What the hell’s your problem, Dorland?

Dorland (to Ethan): You’re a drunk and a liability. Here, take a moment to get familiar with your weapon.

Pierce Le Rue: Yeah, and shoot some of these rats while you’re at it. Flea-carrying bastards…

FIREARM COMBAT: Use R1 to fire. Note that ammo is limited to what can be carried in the firearm.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Alright, we’re going in from the top. Phone records indicate the call originated from this area.

Pierce Le Rue: Of course it would be in the worst friggin’ part of town… So, what exactly are we looking for, Rosa?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): According to the message, a body, possibly two.

La Rue: Got it, two stiffs more important than the hundreds of others found dead out here.

Dorland: Can it, Le Rue.

Pierce Le Rue: I’m just saying, shit’s fucked up in this city.

Dorland: That’s enough. Let’s move.

(The heroes begin to explore the area.)

Pierce Le Rue: The cops call this place Needles Inn. Speedballers jacked up on coke, heroin, and amphetamines rule this place. You best stay alert.

Dorland: Okay team, prepare for entry. Stand clear of the door. Access the Lock Box over there and reload your weapon.

LOCKBOXES: SCU Lockboxes are scattered throughout the city and are typically filled with medical supplies, ammo and firearms. Most boxes are fitted with satellite transmitters and can easily be found using an SCU issued GPS.

Dorland (over the radio): Le Rue, we’re in.

Pierce Le Rue: Copy that.

Dorland: Mr. Thomas, check it out.

(Ethan goes to examine the corridor.)

Dorland: Let me remind you, unnecessary use of force will not be tolerated.

Pierce Le Rue: Don’t mind him. No one gives a shit about these drug-sniffing freaks.

(Ethan frightens some drug addict. There is nothing else in the corridor.)

Dorland: Okay, let’s keep moving.

Pierce Le Rue: Mr. Thomas, take a look at this… Wanna hit a speedballer where it hurts? Destroy one of their methlabs. Go ahead… The honor is all yours, brother.

(Heroes go further and find a hole in the wall, covered with plywood.)

Dorland: You first, Mr. Thomas.

Pierce Le Rue: Take it slow.

(Ethan is attacked by a drug addict. Dorland and Le Rue is attacked too.)

Pierce Le Rue: We’re pinned down! Thomas! Flank this motherfucker! Don’t play possum with me, you soulless piece of human waste!

(Ethan defeats all enemies.)

Dorland: The elevator lobby should be up ahead. Let’s go.

(Ethan finds another TV.)

Sarah Brenton: Good evening, I’m Sarah Brenton with City News. Tonight we like to introduce you a new segment called Streets, hosted by Tony Rhodes. Tony is perhaps best known for his work last year during the SKX murders and we’re very exited to see to learn what he uncovers about the city we live in. Tony?

Tony Rhodes: Thank you, Sarah… The streets scream out for us they are in pain but no one knows why. I’m going to live, eat, breathe the streets for the next few weeks if we the public can find out what evidently the local government can’t or won’t tell us. Stay tuned for the Street News for further live on the scene reports. I’m Tony Rhodes.

(Ethan finds Dorland.)

Dorland: We’ve reached the elevators.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Roger that, Search Team, stand by.

(Ethan pulls out some kind of smartphone.)

Rosa (over the smartphone): Okay Ethan, it’ll be up to you and me to locate Vanhorn. I’ve uploaded your field with what we know so far. Now let’s get started. There were two gunshots in the recording, suggesting that we may be looking for two bodies, one being Vanhorn, the other s Metro Police Officer. Signature overlays indicate that both shots came from the same weapon, a .38 caliber handgun.

Possible responds:

Are you ruling out other weapons?

Any officers reported in the area during the time of the call?

.38 caliber weapons are also known to jam right?

Ethan Thomas: Any officers reported in the area during the time of the call?

Rosa (over the smartphone): We’ve been informed that a Metro Officer in the area is no longer responding. Find him. He may be in need of assistance. Alright, let’s move on… While reviewing the recording, I came across a rumbling noise in the background. It was faint, but when I cross-referenced the sample to known sources, I was able to narrow it down to a passing commuter train.

Possible responds:

Are there trains still operating in this part of town?

Is there a commuter train that passes near the hotel?

Were there any trains in operation during the time of the call?

Ethan Thomas: Is there a commuter train that passes near the hotel?

Rosa (over the smartphone): Yes, Metro Transit Rail passes by the North wing. Narrow your search to that area.

Dorland: Proceeding to the hotel lobby.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Copy that Search Team.

(Dorland tries to open the elevator doors with his hands.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): What the hell are you planning on doing?

Dorland: Taking a short cut, now step back. We can access the main lobby through here. I’ll go first. Le Rue will bring up the rear.

(Dorland jumps into the elevator shaft, grabs the ladder and descends.)

Dorland (over the radio): Your turn Mr. Thomas.

(Ethan jumps and grabs the ladder, but it breaks off and Ethan falls down.)

Dorland (over the radio): Are you hurt? Did you break anything?

Ethan Thomas (respond): No! I’m good!

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Here it comes!

(Ethan opens the door and begins to explore the area. While he does it, he hears the conversations of his friends on the radio.)

Dorland (over the radio): Mr. Thomas! Respond. Christ, we’ve lost contact.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Any sign of Ethan?

Dorland (over the radio): Negative. These old buildings are shit for reception… Mr. Thomas, if you can hear me, make your way to the hotel lobby - we’ll meet up with you there.

SPECTROMETER: Your Spectrometer can detect and track suspicious sound sources. To use, access your tool inventory by pressing and holding Square Button and then select Spectrometer. Use the Spectrometer to locate the Sonic Emitter.

(Ethan continue to search the area.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Search team be advised that a surge of riot activity has been reported in your area.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): In the hotel?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Negative, a block north of your location.

Dorland (over the radio): Understood.

(Ethan goes further.)

Dorland (over the radio): We’ve got riot activity outside.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): I hope that riot don’t get the bright idea of comin’ in here.

Dorland (over the radio): Just stay focused on finding Vanhorn.

AIMING MODE: To bring the gun up and increase accuracy, press and hold L1. Your alcohol withdrawals cause jitters so find and drink small quantities to ’calm’ your nerves.

(Ethan goes on and stumbles over the very extremists that Rosa was talking about.)

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Sounds like the situation’s on its way to completely fucked out there.

Dorland (over the radio): Cut the cutter Le Rue.

(Ethan kills the extremists and goes on.)

Dorland (over the radio): Mr. Thomas?

Ethan Thomas (respond): Stop worrying. I’m in the main lobby.

(Ethan stumbles on his first corpse and studies it.)

FORENSIC INVESTIGATION: The goal is to find evidence, decipher clues and make observations that answer the forensic task. To get started approach the body and press Cross Button to Study Evidence.

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, come in.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Glad to hear you’re still with us. What do you got?

Ethan Thomas: A dead body…

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Okay, let’s try and make an ID.

(Ethan inspect the corpse as a real forensic expert.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Receiving evidence now. Hmm… male police officer-service number belongs to a… Deputy Dennis Black of the Metro Police Department. I’ll notify MPD. According to dispatch, he’s been missing for almost two days now. Can you determine the cause of death?

(Ethan inspects the body again.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Got it. Good work. It appears the victim bled out from a gunshot wound to the chest. I’m guessing this shooting is connected to our investigation somehow.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Has the body been moved? Is this the crime scene?

(Ethan examines the traces on the floor.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Okay it’s coming through now. The blood trails suggests the victim crawled to this location then dies. It may lead you back to the crime scene and possibly Vanhorn.

(Ethan finds a radio and adjust its antenna.)

Tony Rhodes: Unemployment grown dramatically in the city, especially in the downtown districts. We now have an unemployment rate of 16%. Where did they all go? They didn’t leave the city from what we can tell. They’re right here — on the street, livin’ a life of crime, murder — and insanity… Why did they walk away from their family, good-paying jobs, their homes — to sink into a quagmire of drugs, violence and hard-core crime? You want to know… we want to know… Stay tuned to the City News for further live, on the scene reports — I’m Tony Rhodes.

(Ethan continue to explore and finds a body.)

Dorland (over the radio): Jesus. Is that… what IS that?

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Well… it’s a body, but it ain’t Vanhorn.

Dorland (over the radio): Keep moving, then.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Didn’t think meth could DO that to somebody.

Dorland (over the radio): I don’t think it’s just the meth.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): What the fuck IS this shit then?

Dorland (over the radio): Who cares, stick to the mission and keep searching.

(Ethan finds a police radio.)

Officer: Dispatch, twenty-fourteen, we need additional units at Fourth and Stafford, the crowd’s spreading out now.

Dispatcher: Twenty-fourteen, roger.

(Ethan finds a new crime scene and studies it.)

Ethan (to himself): Well, the blood spatter fans outwards, so the victim must have dropped down from the floor above.

Ethan (to Rosa): Rosa, I’m proceeding to the second floor.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Are you onto something?

Ethan Thomas: Possibly.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Copy that. Watch your back.

(Ethan opens the elevator doors with his hands and descends into its shaft. He comes down and hears Dorland’s voice on the radio.)

Dorland (over the radio): Rosa, we’re hearing multiple gunshots from the floors under us. What’s the status on the riot?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Satellite imagery confirms that the rioters have entered the building.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): They just entered the building! First floor!

Dorland (over the radio): Damn! Rosa, we’ll need an air-evac once the victim has been located.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Copy that. Transport is on stand-by.

(Ethan finds another TV.)

Tony Rhodes: I have walked where they walk. I have taken the bum tour — and much of what I have seen can’t be fully explained. They appear to be rambling madman, crazy women — all bent on destruction — but there is a sense of purpose, almost a sense of organization. The violence spirals out of control for the police and fire departments — and here I remain — at ground zero… Stay tuned to the City News for further live, on the scene reports — I’m Tony Rhodes.

(Ethan finds police radio on a table in a big room.)

Dispatcher: Eleven-eighteen, we have several individuals seen here moving down alleys, probably moving to join the riot.

Officer: Dispatch, twenty-fourteen, we need Metro PD in here now.

Demon: Do you feel it? The fear of being alone?

(Ethan finds the room he needed.)

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, I’ve got more evidence here.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Is it related to the victim you found earlier?

Ethan Thomas: Let me verify.

(Ethan investigate the crime scene.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Okay, receiving data… Awesome work. If the killer murders his first victim, then seconds later shoots Vanhorn, Vanhorn’s body must be nearby, like in an adjacent room.

(Ethan sees a hole in the floor, looks into it and sees a mutilated corpse.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Jesus.

(Ethan jumps into the hole. On the wall next to the corpse, we see an inscription written in blood: “My eyes have seen the glory”)

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, I’ve located Vanhorn.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Excellent!

Dorland (over the radio): Mr. Thomas, what’s your location?

(Ethan explore the room and finds its number.)

Ethan Thomas: I’m in room one one nine.

Dorland (over the radio): Copy that. We’re on our way. You’re not to touch anything until we arrive.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Ethan tin the meantime send me a picture of the body.

(Ethan takes a picture.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Now get a close up of his face. (sitting in her office) And finally, get a tight shot of the chest area.

Ethan Thomas (over the radio): Got it. Sending it to you now.

Rosa Angel (sitting in her office): Copy that. Be careful, Ethan. I hear it’s getting pretty crazy out there.

Dorland (over the radio): Have the lab ready… nobody is to examine the body until it’s been removed. Is that understood? Good. I’ll see to our other problem personally. Dorland out.

Rosa Angel (sitting in her office): I wonder what that was about. Okay, receiving image now. God what a mess, he took the entire sternum… Wait a minute… this… this is not possible. Ethan. Ethan, come in.

(The scene changes, we see Dorland and Le Rue running along the railroad tracks and carrying a corpse, followed by a crowd of crazy people along with Ethan.)

Dorland: God dammit! Where’s our fucking transport?

Pilot (over the radio): I’m en route. Two minutes tops.

Pierce Le Rue: You better make that one or there’ll be no waiting for this table.

Pilot (over the radio): English Le Rue!

Pierce Le Rue: Get your ass here or we’re toast!

Pilot (over the radio): Roger that.

(Dorland shoots at the madmans that follows him. He makes several shots on the electric box and its explodes forming a fiery barrier. Dorland and Le Rue escape and Ethan remains alone with the madmans.)

Ethan Thomas: Fuck.

(The game continues.)

Dorland (over the radio): That should buy us some time.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Sir, Mr. Thomas is still back there.

Dorland (over the radio): He’ll find his way, he lives in this filth.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Fucking dick.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Thomas, we’re just up ahead. We’ll secure the area until the chopper arrives. Find your way around and meet up with us before this shit gets out of hand.

Dorland (over the radio): You his mother? We have Vanhorn, that was the objective.

(Ethan hears policeman talks on the radio.)

Officer: Four-twelve, there’s some smoke coming from behind the factories near third, let Metro dispatch know.

Dispatcher: All ground units, pull back from the corner of fourth and Stafford, let Metro PD handle this.

Officer: Dispatch, five-eight, copy?

Dispatcher: Go ahead, five-eight.

Officer: Five-eight, we’re moving down Stafford from the north, there’s people coming out of the woodwork here.

Officer: Yeah they’re coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

(Ethan finds another police radio.)

Radio: We interrupt this program with important information from the Metro Emergency Broadcast System. This is not a test. Fires and rioting extending over three city blocks in the Trenton District, have erupted. Officials have cordoned off all entrances between Stafford and Carlisle. Do not attempt access. Stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

(Ethan comes across another police radio.)

Dispatcher: Air two, fuel status?

Officer: Air two, we’re about 2-7, we’re good for now.

Dispatcher: Metro PD, reports shots fired at the 400 block of Preston.

Officer: Eleven-eighteen, we’re with Metro PD here, the crowd isn’t staying put, they’re ducking down alleys and staying away from the riot squad. Can we get air support to tell us just - just what’s going on?

Dispatcher: Roger, eleven-eighteen.

(Ethan finds another TV.)

Sarah Brenton: We just received breaking news from Tony Rhodes live above Trenton district where massive fires and riots have broken out. Tony can you hear me?

Tony Rhodes: [over heli noises] Yes Sarah, fire has engulfed the Addington Plaza near the Walker doll factory. Governmental agencies including the SCU and the local PD in riot-gear are now fighting running battles with random groups below us. The rioters appear to be pouring out of the buildings and pushing the law enforcement officers back [bullets hit the helo] OH SHIT! We’re taking fire, we’re taking fire! GET US OUT OF HERE!

Sarah Brenton: Okay… thank you, Tony for the update [speaking off camera] is he alright? Uh, we’ll be right back. This is City News.

(Ethan climbs to the top floor and steps onto the balcony.)

Pilot (over the radio): I have visual contact. Support is here gentlemen. Now make it quick, this place is swarming with nutjobs.

Dorland (over the radio): Le Rue, help me with the harness while I get the body into position.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): On my way…

(Ethan uses the zip line and descends, bypassing a fiery barrier. He gets on the roof where he finds another radio.)

Officer: Five-eight, dispatch, we’re seeing some individuals carrying incendiary devices down the alleys here, please advise Metro PD.

Dispatcher: Roger.

Officer: Metro PD is reporting outbreaks of fire north of factory row down Stafford, can anyone confirm?

Dispatcher: Dispatch, eleven-one, agent injured, we need a bus.

Officer: Eleven-one, get clear of the area if you can, try to get over to Grand or Central, and we’ll get medical units there.

Dispatcher: All units, Metro PD riot control is halting at 5th and Stafford, unable to advance.

Officer: Eleven-eighteen, we’re seeing the crowd breaking up back here, they’re running, or moving…

Dorland (over the radio): Hold them back!

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Accueillez au diable (Welcome to hell) jerkoffs!

Pilot (over the radio): You guys need to get this situation figured out… I’m a sitting duck up here.

Dorland (over the radio): There, I got it. Subject is secured and ready…

Pilot (over the radio): Roger that. Stand clear. I’m taking fire!

Dorland (over the radio): Go! Go! We’ll evac on foot. Le Rue, let’s go.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): What about Thomas?

Dorland (over the radio): He’s on his own.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): You nuts? He won’t last ten minutes out there.

Dorland (over the radio): Leave him! That’s an order!

(Ethan kills all the madmen attacking him and finds an iron door, beyond which he sees Le Rue.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Le Rue, open the fucking gate!

(Le Rue leaves without answering. Ethan continues exploring and fighting. Finding the way to the next building, he knocks out the window and gets inside. There he hears someone’s voice.)

???: Who’s there? Are you one of em? Do you make the sound?

(A bum runs up to Ethan with a lighter.)

Bum: Hmm, you look normal enough, but it’s hard to tell sometimes… What? Arg… Back away! The Dark Blood, the Metal Kings… The Oro! Here…

(Bum shows Ethan some kind of symbol. Ethan touches it.)

Ethan Thomas: Do you know these people?

Bum: Don’t want to know em… but they know us.

(Unexpectedly, an explosion occurs. Ethan falls to the floor.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Ethan, come in! Are you there?

Ethan Thomas: Rosa!

Rosa Angel (over the radio): You’re alright! Talk to me — I’ve lost contact with the team.

Ethan Thomas: Bastards.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Sounds like I missed something.

Ethan Thomas: Nothing I can’t take care of… Tell me, why was finding Vanhorn so damn important?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Don’t really know. I was hoping you could tell me that.

Ethan Thomas: No fucking clue.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Hmm, we need to talk. Hang tight I’m on my way.

(Change of scene. We are shown a moving frame of a terrible, broken doll. Next to the doll is a girl, but we see only her shadow. After a few moments Ethan knocks the door.)

(Whimsical nonsense.)

(Startled breath.)

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, how will I find you?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): They’ve closed the roads leading into that part of town. The nearest I can get is Stafford Street. Can you meet me there?

Ethan Thomas: It beats stickin’ around here.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Mr. Thomas? This is Le Rue. Come in. Mr. Thomas? Please respond. Look, what happened back there… I was obeying an order, that’s all.

Ethan Thomas: Yeah, I heard… that prick Dorland says jump, you jump.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): It’s more complicated than that… my feathers are ruffled, like yours, but now is not the time. An eyewitness saw somebody fitting your description entering the old doll factory. Is that where you’re at? My parents moved here from New Orleans when I was a young boy. I grew up in this neighborhood and want to help.

Ethan Thomas: Yes, the Walker Doll Factory.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Good. I played in that old place as a kid and know it like the back of my hand. Now, the first thing you need to do is find a mask, ASAP. That doll stuff is toxic when burnt. What part of the factory are you in? Looks like we’re trapped in here, and man, I got a bad feeling in my stomach… There’s some bad mojo in this place, I’m telling ya. Dang it, this door is closed up nice and tight.

Ethan Thomas: I see four Type-A tanks, two Type-B tanks and a bunch of other factory stuff.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Sounds like the factory’s mixing facility. There’s only one way out of there--a roll up door at the far end. The panel that opens the door is located on the catwalk above the tanks.

Ethan Thomas: The panel has lock on it.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): The factory’s manager couldn’t remember more than his name so he wrote the combo on the wall in his office.

(Ethan finds another radio.)

Dispatcher: Metro PD is reporting fire has broken out, confirmed, in some factories in the 300 block of Stafford street, all units stay clear.

Officer: Four-twelve, does anyone know where the crowd went?

Dispatcher: Five-eight, negative, most of them aren’t where we’re at, they may be moving through the alleys towards Preston.

Officer: Jesus, what a clusterfuck.

Dispatcher: Clear the channel, all units stand by.

(While Ethan is studying the evidence in search of padlock number, he notices some bum standing at the iron shutters and talking to someone.)

Bum: Hey, I hear something… it… it sounds like a baby, no wait it’s talking… crap, I can’t tell. Hurry and open this door so I can see.

Bum: Yikes, what the hell is that?

Doll: Hi, my name is Blowup Tommy.

Bum: Huh?

Doll: I can count backwards… wanna see?

Doll: Three, two, one…

(Ethan sees an explosion. After going a little deeper into the factory, Le Rue contacts to him on the radio.)

Pierce Le Rue: Mr. Thomas, the whole factory is going up in flames. You need to find the Safety Foreman’s office and grab a mask.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Where is this damn office?

Pierce Le Rue: On the second level. Oh, and one more thing, if you come across ventilation control room, use the air duct as a short cut. You usually have to move a bunch shit to find the vent though.

(Ethan finds another radio and tunes it.)

Tony Rhodes: Sir, can you tell me what you saw?

Bum: Fuck yeah! I was over by that old doll factory taking a piss when out of the smoke comes that looked like a small robotic doll-like creature.

Tony Rhodes: What happened?

Bum: The damn thing waved at me and then exploded. Not a little puff of smoke explosion but a big ass burn your eye-brows off kind of explosion. Fucking A man!

Tony Rhodes: Did you see any more of them? Or do you think that was an isolated case?

Bum: You go look, I got the hell out of there.

Tony Rhodes: Hmm, interesting story, but is it true? Who knows? This is Tony Rhodes.

(Not far from the warehouse with dolls, Ethan finds another TV and sets it up.)

Sarah Branton: Mayor Rachel Mars made the following statement regarding the emerging riots.

Rachel Mars: At 2am this morning, fighting broke out in the Trenton District and quickly escalated to a Class 3 riot. We are doing all we can to control the situation. Rest-assured, officials currently investigating the increased activity. Thank you.

Sarah Branton: She further stated after the news conference that city businesses outside of the riot zone should, if at all possible, stay open. Normal economical activities must continue if we are to make it through this tough time. This is Sarah Branton, City News.

(Fire reigns everywhere. Ethan makes his way through the rubble.)

Ethan Thomas: Le Rue, I’m in the Safety Foreman’s office and those stupid masks better be here…

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): They should be in a large cabinet marked, "Masks".

(Ethan opens the drawer, but it’s empty.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Great, it’s fucking empty! Now what?

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Okay, okay… let me think for a minute… try looking in the bottom drawer of the Foreman’s desk. Jesus, I hope I haven’t been stirring you in the wrong direction.

(Having rummaged on the desks, the hero finally finds a mask and puts it on.)

Man: Hey, over here.

(Under collapsed beams, Ethan sees a homeless.)

Bum: Help me. My leg is hurt and I can’t move.

(Ethan helps the homeless to get out.)

Bum: Phew, I thought I was a goner. I can’t… breathe… Damn, my leg hurts. It was my good dancing leg too.

(The homeless runs away. Going one floor down, Ethan blasts the barrels blocking the way. Little further ahead, in one of the rooms he hears talks on the radio.)

Officer: Dispatch, eleven-eighteen, they’re still out here, but the smoke is starting to build up, it’s… it’s like they’re using it for cover.

Dispatcher: All ground units, pull out of the factory district and move towards 6th and Central. Air two, stay on station.

(Ethan continues to go through the fire barriers. When he enters the assembly line, the passage behind him collapses. Ethan has to fight a strange-looking clown. Having won, he go to the top floor.)

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Mr. Thomas, you still breathing? What’s your location?

(Ethan exploring the floor trying to figure out where he is.)

Ethan Thomas: I’m near service elevator 4C.

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Hmm, I’m not familiar with that elevator. But… maybe it don’t matter. At the top of the shaft is a vent that leads to the alley. It’s how I used to sneak in and out of that place as a kid.

(Ethan gets into the elevator, but it immedietly breaks down.)

Ethan Thomas: Shit.

(After Ethan leaving the factory we see cutscene. Rosa inspects the dirty alley, when suddenly Ethan jumps out of nowhere.)

Rosa Angel: Damn it! (yelp) You scared the crap out of me Ethan!

Ethan Thomas: Where’s your car?

Rosa Angel: Just down the street.

Ethan Thomas: Good. Let’s get the fuck out of here.

(Rose gives Ethan a hand.)

Rosa Angel: My gun?!

(Ethan is shocked. He does not understand how the gun was in his hands.)

Rosa Angel: I need to show you something at the office first.

Ethan Thomas: You’re kidding! I’m not going anywhere near that place. I might… do something I’ll regret…

Rosa Angel: Listen, just calm down a minute, I may have found something important, a connection…

Ethan Thomas: A connection? Between what?

Rosa Angel: Between you and Malcolm Vanhorn.

(We are teleports to the prosectorial. On the operating table lies the corpse of Vanhorn.)

Rosa Angel: Preliminary pathology indicates the victim died from a gunshot wound to the head. More remarkable is the extensive damage done to the chest area. If we look here, we can see that the entire sternum has been extracted. Now the killer inserted what I’m guessing to be a large hunting knife roughly six to eight inches in length here, at the base of the belly. He then made an X-shaped incision that extends up to the bottom of the chin. He was clearly not concerned with surgical technique. It appears he only wanted access to the ribcage and the…

Ethan Thomas: You said you found a connection.

Rosa Angel: I’m getting to that.

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, I’m tired… and my head is screaming for a drink, so get to the point.

Rosa Angel: Alright. Take a look at this.

(Rosa shows Ethan some X-rays.)

Rosa Angel: When I first examined the crime scene photos you sent me, I was a little taken back by the abdominal structure of his vocal cords. They’re really quite amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Ethan Thomas: So, he had a deformity?

Rosa Angel: Possibly. Does this looks familiar?

(Rose points Ethan at a snapshot of the chest.)

Ethan Thomas: It’s an x-ray of my chest. You showed me this during the SKX investigation.

Rosa Angel: Right. And we noted it odd that your throat area was redacted, or in layman’s terms, blackened out.

Ethan Thomas: I remember, but…

Rosa Angel: Why? Why is it classified as top secret? And why was the same done to Vanhorn?

Ethan Thomas: Vanhorn? What do you mean?

Rosa Angel: His vocal cords are missing… they’ve been cut out.

Ethan Thomas: What?!

Rosa Angel: Yeah and the question is, who’s trying to keep it a secret?

(Cutscene ends.)

Rosa Angel: There’s something else… I overheard a conversation… and well, I don’t know if I trust Dorland.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Dorland’s a two-faced ass if you ask me.

Rosa Angel: Well there’s certainly no love loss between you two. Here, lay down on this table. I want to take an x-ray of your chest. Let’s find out if you have the same abnormality. Ethan, this is important. Get on the table.

(Our hero goes to the x-ray machine and go into it.)

Rosa Angel: Now lie still. I’ll be back shortly. Okay, I’m going to take few shots. Try not to move.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Rosa? I’m ready to get the fuck out of this thing.

(After a few minutes in the dark, Ethan begins to worry.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Rosa? You still there?

(In the darkness, the face of the demon that pursuing Ethan flashes, after which Ethan gets out of an X-ray machine and begins to investigate the suddenly deserted police station.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Hello? Anybody here?

(After a few meters the light goes out mystically. Ethan turns on the flashlight. Along the way, he sees the enemies appearing here and there for one second, and he hears various mystical rustles.)

Officer 1 (over the radio): What’s going on here?

Officer 2 (over the radio): We don’t know sir. The power grid for the entire block just surged. We’re looking into it.

Officer 1 (over the radio): Is the building still secure?

Officer 2 (over the radio): I believe so, but I’ll know more in a minute.

Officer 1 (over the radio): Keep me posted.

(Ethan goes further.)

Voice: You shouldn’t be here.

Officer 1 (over the radio): Where’re the others?

Officer 2 (over the radio): Don’t know. They’re longer responding.

Officer 1 (over the radio): Sweep the area. I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

(Ethan continues to explore empty rooms. After a while, he notices movement.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Rosa?

(However, this is not her. A special forces man approaches the door to the Ethan’s room.)

SWAT: Mr. Thomas, right? I’m Agent Pennington, head of security. Are you okay? Are you hurt?

Ethan Thomas (respond): I’m fine. What the hell’s going on?

Pennington: We’ve got to get you out of here. We’re evacuating the building.

(Agent Pennington tries to open the door, but she doesn’t give in.)

Pennington: See if you can open it from your side. The magnetic locks didn’t release when the power went out. Mr. Thomas, are you sure you’re alright?

Voice: You’re losing control. Just like the others.

Ethan Thomas: Damn it! Leave me alone!

Pennington: Who the hell are you talking to?

Voice: Forget this man, he’s already dead.

Ethan Thomas: You’re not real!

Voice: You’re wasting time!

Pennington: Mr. Thomas, who the fuck are you talking to?!

(The light abruptly and suddenly goes off.)

Pennington: Security team, come in!

Ethan Thomas: Shit!

Pennington: Stay back!

(Pennington shoots the lock several times and the door opens.)

Pennington: Come with me and stay close.

Pennington: MILLER! Miller?

(Something Miller pulls in the ceiling and spits out his lifeless body on the floor.)

Miller: Get out… there’s too many of them.

Pennington: What?!

Pennington: He’s dead. Let’s get out of here. We just need to get out of here and everything will be fine.

(They going through numerous corridors, destroying crowds of monsters.)

Pennington: W-Where’s that exit? It should be right here. It should be RIGHT here! No, no! Aggghhh!

(A crowd of monsters begin to attack the hero. Everything is getting dark. From the dark we hear the voice.)

Rosa Angel: Ethan, hold still.

Ethan Thomas: God! I’m getting tired of seeing shit in my head.

(Here we understand that everything that happened was not real. Ethan leaves the X-ray unit without any problems.)

Rosa Angel: Still having hallucinations? Perhaps it’s your drinking.

Ethan Thomas: My drinking is not an issue-

Rosa Angel: Right. Look, I’ll go get this processed. In the mean time, Farrell wants to see you in his office for a mission debriefing. Keep your cool. Corner office, fifth floor.

(Ethan goes to report his former boss.)

Loudspeakers: Metro PD reports the rioters have dispersed. All agent on duty please continue to exercise caution.

Radio: These three refrigeration units outside of the SCU headquarters contains an "overflow" of death and destruction in our city. Our morgue can’t hold the number of victims streaming into the SCU Forensics unit. Although we approached to get a detailed accounting of the number of bodies held within tractor trailer units, we were forcibly pushed back by agents in full riot gear. What are they hiding and why? Stay tuned to City News for further live, on the scene reports - I’m Tony Rhodes.

(In the office of his boss, Ethan stumbles upon another radio.)

Rachel Mars: I will NOT stop the Grand Opening ceremonies of the Museum of Natural History. We have the full support of the city’s best, our own local police Department, as well as support from the SCU - and we will open to show the city that life does go on.

Serah Brenton: These were the words from the Mayor Rachel Mars, as she headed to a meeting with the Museum Director. With the opening only days away, increasing pressure on the Mayor has many wondering if she truly intends to divert law enforcement resources away from the inner city to protect such an event. It appears that she will. Serah Brenton, City News.

Director Ike Farrell: Come in. Sit down Mr. Thomas. Can I get you anything?

Ethan Thomas: Yeah… five Aspirins and a shot of soda water.

Director Ike Farrell: I don’t think we…

Ethan Thomas: Forget it.

(Ethan sits in a chair across from his boss.)

Director Ike Farrell: Okay, let’s begin. I will be asking you questions regarding recovery mission of Malcolm Vanhorn. Please answer them to the best of your ability. Are you ready to begin?

Ethan Thomas (respond): As ready as I’ll ever be.

Director Ike Farrell: Alright. What happened immediately after leaving the hotel?

(Ethan chooses: "We carried Vanhorn’s body from the hotel".)

Director Ike Farrell: Was Le Rue with the group at the time?

(Ethan chooses: "Yes".)

Director Ike Farrell: What happened next?

(Ethan chooses: "Dorland shot a power transformer creating a small explosion.")

Director Ike Farrell: And that’s when you were separated from the team jeopardizing the success of the mission?

Ethan Thomas (respond): Jesus! That was not my fault! Grill Dorland… or Le Rue about what happened.

Director Ike Farrell: Mr. Thomas, you should know that, Special Agent Dorland is missing. We picked up Agent Le Rue a few blocks from the hotel. He and Dorland got separated soon after the victim was extracted. I need you to help us fill in the blanks. Let’s continue. Where were you when the helicopter arrived?

(Ethan chooses: "I was in an apartment complex next door.")

Director Ike Farrell: Explain what happened once Vanhorn was secured.

(Ethan chooses: "The helicopter started taking fire.")

Director Ike Farrell: Who ordered the pilot to leave the team behind?

(Ethan chooses: "Dorland.")

Director Ike Farrell: Now, this next question is very important, Mr. Thomas. Why did the team split up?

Ethan Thomas: Look, let’s stop holding hands like a couple of fucking girls… I know alright. You didn’t want me to come back. Dorland made that perfectly clear.

Director Ike Farrell: Mr. Thomas, please…

Ethan Thomas: You gave Dorland the order to leave me behind… an unfortunate casualty in the line of duty of some bullshit.

Director Ike Farrell: Did Le Rue tell you that?

Ethan Thomas: So you’re not denying it then?

Director Ike Farrell: Wires got crossed. These was a misunderstanding.

Ethan Thomas: A misunderstanding! I almost got killed!

Director Ike Farrell: Sit down!

Ethan Thomas: Fuck you.

(Farrell aims his gun at Ethan. The screen starts to blur, a nasty buzzing sound is heard. All this is reminiscent of some kind of crazy dream.)

Director Ike Farrell: I’m ordering you to sit down!

Ethan Thomas: Jesus Christ, just shoot me and get it over with!

Director Ike Farrell: Why did you bring me back? You knew Vanhorn… what to look for.

Ethan Thomas: He was just another stiff, why the risky mission?

Director Ike Farrell: It was important we control the situation. Cooperation Mr. Thomas, that’s all I wanted…

Ethan Thomas: Cooperation? Then what… kill me?

Director Ike Farrell: NO! You’ve got it wrong!

Ethan Thomas: You’re lying! Why the order to leave me behind?

Director Ike Farrell: That order did not come from me. My orders were to keep you safe. I swear it!

(Suddenly the madness ends. We hear a beep of Farrell’s intercom.)

Secretary (over the intercom): Ah… Excuse me, Director? Sir, I’ve got Agent Dorland on the phone. He says it’s important.

Director Ike Farrell: Put him through.

Secretary (over the intercom): Is everything okay in there?

(Ethan grabs Farrell.)

Director Ike Farrell: Yeah, yeah. Just do it.

Dorland: This is Dorland.

Director Ike Farrell: Agent, where the hell have you been?

Dorland: Mayor Rachel Mars has been murdered.

Director Ike Farrell: What?! Where?

Dorland: She was found… well, most of her was found in the new museum downtown.

(We are teleporting to the crime scene. The lights of the police cars are flashing, the perimeter is cordoned off, and police are everywhere. Farrell and Ethan approach Dorland standing by the corpse.)

Director Ike Farrell: What do we got?

Dorland: Skin peeled away, strips of muscle torn from bone and her head is missing. Actual cause of death is unknown.

Director Ike Farrell: How’d you make an ID?

Dorland: She was wearing this badge.

(We see visitor badge with handwritten text "Rachel Mars".)

Dorland: Apparently, she was visiting the Museum Director to discuss delays regarding the grand opening.

Director Ike Farrell: Media?

Dorland: Expect a maelstrom any minute.

(Dorland takes Farrell away from Ethan.)

Dorland: Someone knows… first Vanhorn and now…

Director Ike Farrell: Keep your voice down…

Officer: Agent Thomas?

Ethan Thomas: "Mister"… Thomas.

Officer: I found this on the body.

(The officer hands over to Ethan the evidence packed in a plastic bag, which is a note with a lot of painted eyes and a large “SKX” sign.)

Director Ike Farrell: Mr. Thomas, take a look around. Dorland and I are heading back to the agency.

(Dorland, passing by Ethan, gives him an unkind look.)

Director Ike Farrell: Remember our discussion, I’m trying to protect you -

(Ethan gives the evidence to one of the cops.)

Ethan Thomas: Get this to Agent Rosa, SCU, ASAP.

Officer: I’ll have it delivered right away.

(The cutscene ends. Ethan proceeds to investigate the crime scene. He approaches the corpse.)

Officer: There’s too little blood. It should be splattered all over the place.

(The officer finds a wheelbarrow.)

Officer: Whoa. Looks like the prep used the wheelbarrow to transfer the body.

(Ethan studies the traces left by the wheelbarrow.)

Officer: A bloody tire trail leads to the door. Certainly suggests the actual crime scene and possibly the head are somewhere in the museum. Unfortunately we’re on the strict order to not enter the museum.

Ethan Thomas (respond): That doesn’t mean dick to me.

Officer: …yeah, I didn’t think it would. Follow me.

(They approach an unfinished wall.)

Officer: Here, let me give you a lift.

(Ethan jumps over the wall and get to the museum.)

Officer: Due to theft, the museum has beefed up security. Avoid the guards if possible. If you need to take them down, don’t use a weapon.

Ethan Thomas (respond): I’ll take that under advisement.

INCAPACITATE WITHOUT KILLING: Use only fists when fighting guards. Once a guard is in a defeated state grab him by the neck and incapacitate.

(After some time, Rosa contacts Ethan over the radio.)

Rose (over the radio): Ethan, this is Rose. I just received that little present you sent me. It’s a bit disturbing to think that SKX is still alive.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Last time I saw that psycho, half his face lined the inside of a trunk.

Rose (over the radio): Well, the body was never recovered so I guess the chance he survived was always there.

Officer (over the radio): Mr. Thomas, the coroner just arrived. He’s examining the body now. I’ll keep you posted if anything turns up.

WALKING QUIET: To walk quietly, slightly move the L-Stick. If you can hear your footsteps so can the enemy.

Guard in a distance: Every night assholes break in here and start stealing shit. It seems to be getting worse. I bet one of us will get it tonight if we’re not careful.

(After a few minutes of walking Ethan’s phone starts ringing.)

Rose (over the phone): Okay, this is what we know so far. Mayor Rachel Mars, age 55, found dead inside the City Museum of Natural History. Body has severe lacerations about the back, chest and arms resulting in excessive hemorrhaging. There is also an extensive tearing of muscle and ligament within the same region. Head decapitated just above the collar bone whereabouts is still unknown.

Rose (over the phone): Alright, and now for the note you sent me. Found on the victim’s body was a piece of paper with strangely drawn eyes on the side and on the other, the acronym of the serial killer known as Serial Killer X. Both written with a black felt tip pen.

Possible responds:

Can you determine the type of ink used?

Were the eyes and the three letters made by the same person?

Did you find any fingerprints on the paper?

(Ethan chooses: "Did you find any fingerprints on the paper?")

Rose (over the phone): Yes. I ran it through IAFIS and guess whose name popped up - Leland Vanhorn. I don’t need to tell you this but let’s make it official. Leland Vanhorn, a.k.a. Serial Killer X or just SKX was allegedly responsible for nine serial murders in the greater Metro area. He’s the nephew to Malcolm Vanhorn and what the thought to be dead - killed by a gunshot to the face. His body was never recovered.

Possible responds:

Do you think Vanhorn nursed his nephew back to health?

Do you think he faked his injury?

Do you think he managed to recover from the injury on his own?

(Ethan chooses: "Do you think Vanhorn nursed his nephew back to health?")

Rose (over the phone): I’d say it’s the most likely scenario.

(Ethan put the phone away.)

Rose Angel (over the radio): I have a theory. SKX gets one in the grill. His own flesh and blood, Malcolm Vanhorn, nurses him back to health. SKX turns on his uncle, and kills him, for perhaps the same reason he murdered Rachel Mars. Keep searching the museum. We need more information.

(Ethan takes a photo of bloodstained saw.)

Rose (over the radio): That’s an odd shape saw, looks medieval in origin. Get a shot of the handle will you?

(Ethan sends a photo of the handle.)

Rose (over the radio): Look at that… a fingerprint. Give me a moment.

(Switch back to the phone.)

Rose (over the phone): Okay, over fifty percent of the fingerprint found on the handle is compromised by smudging. However, after running the print through IAFIS, I’m able to get a positive match on our suspect, SKX. I’d say SKX is very much alive and is now the prime suspect in the murder of Rachel Mars.

Possible responds:

What about the saw? You said it looks evil?

What about the saw? You said it looked medieval?

What about the saw? You said it looked ancient?

(Ethan chooses: "What about the saw you said it looked medieval?")

Rose (over the phone): Yeah, I hear the museum will future one in the largest medieval exhibits in the country.

(Ethan put the phone away.)

Rose (over the radio): Ethan, find the exhibit that tool came from, SKX was certainly there at the one point.

(Climbing the stairs, Ethan finds a camera. He examines it and finds it’s number.)

Rose (over the radio): Okay, hold on a sec… Camera 1501 was installed a week ago and just completed its 48-hour stress test. Ethan, if you think SKX maybe on camera find the surveillance room and let’s take a look.

(Walking under the ceiling, Ethan hears two guards talking on the radio.)

Guard 1 (over the radio): Damn, we have intruders in the east wing, main exhibit hall.

Guard 2 (over the radio): How many are we talking about?

Guard 1 (over the radio): Half dozen or so. They looted prices artifacts from the medieval display.

Guard 2 (over the radio): Swords and shit?

Guard 1 (over the radio): Affirmative.

(Jumping off the ceiling, Ethan finds a TV.)

Sarah Brenton: Good evening, this is Sarah Brenton, City News. With her head reportedly missing Mayor Rachel Mars is dead. Her decapitated body was found earlier today at the Museum of Natural History. Apparently she was murdered suffering extensive cutting about her body. There are no leads as of yet but the Federal and local authorities have cordoned off the area in an attempt to locate the perpetrators of this heinous crime. More after this…

(Ethan finds a video surveillance room.)

Ethan Thomas: Okay, I’m in this surveillance room.

Rose (over the radio): Find the Backup Drive and let’s see if our favorite madman has made a cameo.

(After inspecting the rack with hard drives, Ethan finds the number 1501.)

Rose (over the radio): Okay, the feed is coming in now…

(The image from the camera appears on the TV screen. Quite a large man, standing back side to camera, chops off the head of a corpse lying in a wheelbarrow.)

Rose (over the radio): Wow disturbing, but not overly revealing. Keep looking for the exhibit.

(The adventures in the museum continues. On the way, Ethan stumbles upon several bandits and beats them.)

Guard 1 (over the radio): I saw three of them heading towards the dinosaur area.

Guard 2 (over the radio): How are they getting in here?

Guard 1 (over the radio): I don’t know. We’re in deep shit if we don’t get this situation under control.

Guard 2 (over the radio): On my way.

(Ethan finds a TV.)

Sarah Brenton: With the museum Grand Opening cancelled due to the death of the Mayor, residence wonder if the battle to regain the city they once knew has been lost. At the scene is Tony Rhodes. Tony, what do you make of this? Tony?

Tony Rhodes: Yes, Sarah… I’m now a block away from the museum and have seen of the unthinkable. Looters scurrying away from the museum, arms loaded with priceless objects of antiquity. It appears the museum has been targeted by these thieves, some literally wearing artifacts out on their persons. Excuse me, Sir, care to make a comment about face latest event?

Citizen: Craziest damn thing… A god-damn Sir Lancelot running down the street - knight’s armor and shit… even had a fucking sword!

Sarah Brenton: Well, that was a rather "colorful" description, thank you Tony. This is City News.

Guard 1 (over the radio): I see a group of them outside the main entrance. They look like the same dudes from the other night…

Guard 2 (over the radio): Are you shitting me? How many are out of there?

Guard 1 (over the radio): A lot! Just get your ass down here. I don’t like the looks of this.

Rose (over the radio): Thomas, I just got a high-priority message for you. An undisclosed department head has requested that you take photos of several artifacts within the museum. He’s going to upload their positions for you on your GPS.

(Ethan finds bloodied equipment for medieval torture. He takes a picture of the tools lying on the table.)

Rose (over the radio): Looks gruesome… are we sure it’s even blood and not red paint? Get a sample so we can determine one way or another. And while you’re at it, collect a sample of those weird looking metal pieces.

Rose (over the radio): Receiving sample data from your field kit now…

Rose (over the phone): Let’s see… Blood type is AB-negative which is the same as Rachel Mars. Less than 1% of adults have this type, so I would say we have match. Alright, now let’s take a look at those metal pieces… Evidence sample consists of thin metal strips and small bolt shaped pins. Alloy properties similar to Damascus steel but does not match known foundry formulas. Blood, human tissue, and bone fragments are present on all surfaces of sample.

Possible responds:

Any evidence of the metal pieces came from Rachel Mars’s body?

Any evidence of the metal pieces were used to kill Rachel Mars?

Any evidence of the metal pieces came from SKX?

(Ethan chooses: "Any evidence of the metal pieces came from Rachel Mars’s body?")

Rose (over the phone): Yes. The Coroner has found extensive scar tissue throughout her body and bored holes in her bones matching of the dimensions of the metal pieces you discovered.

(Ethan put the phone away.)

Rose (over the radio): I’d say, Rachel Mars had a secret and it may have gotten her killed.

Ethan Thomas (respond): What? Some sort of fucked up masochistic lifestyle?

Rose (over the radio): Whatever it was it looked painful. The pathology report will tell us if she was abusing pain killers.

Rose (over the radio): Ethan, the cops are on their way. We finally managed to get a warrant to search the rest of the museum. Get to the main lobby if you can.

(Entering the exhibition hall of medieval armor and weapons, Ethan hears a conversation between two guards on the radio.)

Guard 1 (over the radio): They’re in the building. Last seen heading towards the medieval exhibits.

Guard 2 (over the radio): Roger that. Conners and I are on the way.

Guard 1 (over the radio): Anybody left in the main exhibit hall? We’re outnumbered. These assholes are smashing up all the displays. They must be jacked up on something because they fight like maniacs. Really hard to stop… oh fuck. Hey, stop right there! Get down! I said get down on…

(Going further, Ethan confronts a huge thug clad in knight armor. When Ethan deals with him, the cops come along with Rose and Dorland.)

Rosa Angel: You’re looking more beat up every time I see you.

Ethan Thomas: I think I overstayed my welcome.

Rosa Angel: I found something when investigating Vanhorn’s body.

Ethan Thomas: Metal pieces?

Rosa Angel: No, something better. I found traces of fecal matter on his shoes… Let me finish… It belongs to an endangered deer species found only in the Black Lake region.

Ethan Thomas: You mean the Wildlife Preserve up North?

Rosa Angel: Yeah, I figured the best way to track SKX is to start with Vanhorn and work our way back.

Ethan Thomas: It’s like a long shot, if you ask me.

Rosa Angel: Two-hour flight tops. I’ll make the arrangements for a plane to take you there.

Ethan Thomas: …Alright, I could use some sleep.

Rosa Angel: Good. Dorland has volunteered to take you.

(Ethan and Dorland get in the car.)

Dorland: What do you hope to find up there?

(Ethan says nothing and gets out of the car.)

Dorland (to the headset): The target just boarded the plane.

(New scene. Ethan is flying in the clouds on an airplane. Rosa contacts him on the radio.)

Rose (over the radio): Ethan, your chest x-ray shows you do have vocal cords similar to Vanhorn’s, but even more bizarre.

Ethan Thomas: I’m related to Vanhorn… is that what you’re saying?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): The thought crossed my mind… however I was able to confirm that you do not share blood with that family.

Ethan Thomas: That’s comforting… but you still think I’m connected somehow?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Yes, I do.

Ethan Thomas: Just seems kind of crazy that’s all.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): When you land, search the lodge thoroughly and learn as much as you can. It’s been abandoned for decades, but I have a hinge both Vanhorns were there recently.

Ethan (to pilot): How much time we got left? Hey buddy, did you hear me?

Demon: Hello Ethan. We don’t have much time, so I’ll get right to the point. You old boss, Farrell, is trying to protect you. Have you taken a moment to contemplate the meaning of this? He’s the one that hired you. He guided you through the ranks of SCU and has kept a close watch on you carrier. Perhaps he’s done this under false pretenses… He may have ulterior motives, using you… something to think about when choosing your friends.

(The demon disappears, and the pilot is dead.)

Ethan Thomas: Oh shit! Mayday! Mayday! This is flight 324, come in. Damnit!

(The plane loses control and crushes. On its way is a flock of crows smashing the windshields and fly in. The scene abruptly ends. We see Ethan lying in the snow.)

Demon: Do you really expect to find anything out here other than a cold death?

Farrell (over the radio): Mr. Thomas… Ethan… this is Deputy Director Farrell. Going there alone was not a good idea.

Ethan Thomas (respond): It’s time you leveled to with me… no bullshit.

Farrell (over the radio): Yes… you have every right to question me. Look, there are… some of us who see you as a threat - the enemy.

Ethan Thomas (respond): And where do you stand?

Farrell (over the radio): I see you as an asset, a special tool too great to be wasted… Rememdium…

Ethan Thomas: Rememdium? I don’t understand… Hello?

(Ethan begins to explore the snow-covered mountain hike. After a while he finds blood in the snow.)

Ethan Thomas: Rose, come in.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): You made it. How was your flight?

Ethan Thomas: Slept like a baby.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Good, what do you have?

(Ethan scans the severed hand lying in the snow.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Receiving evidence. A human arm? Ew… See if you can determine how fresh it is.

(Ethan scans the watch on the severed arm.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): It’s coming in now… Let’s see, February 24 is today and 12:03 in the morning was less than six hours ago. This is pretty fresh. You better get a sample and send me the data.

(Ethan takes the sample.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Receiving data… Okay give me a moment… The skin tissue and blood type are definitely human in origin. I’m also detecting… concentrations of mineral salts, urea, and amino acids in the sample… It looks like saliva. I need more time to analyze this properly. Keep looking for the lodge. I’ll call you back in a few.

(Having literally walked a few meters, Ethan heard Rose again.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Okay, this is unexpected… Your spectrometer is picking up concentrations of formaldehyde. This should be interesting… FYI, I’m still working on that saliva simple.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Ethan, take a look at your field kit. I’ve found of arginine vasopressin is the saliva… very unusual. Arginine vasopressin is an amino acid that naturally occurs in mammals, and is typically triggered by dehydration.

Possible responds:

Dehydration? With all this snow?

You think someone is torturing animals, depriving them of water?

Where does Arginine Vasopressin come from?

(Ethan chooses: "Dehydration? With all this snow?")

Rosa Angel (over the phone): Dehydration can also be caused by disease… kidney failure, dysentery, hydrophobia… By the way Ethan, hydrophobia is the later stages of rabies so watch yourself…

(Soon, Ethan finds a lodge, in which he sees a corpse.)

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, I found a body…

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Can you make an ID?

(Next to the body, Ethan finds documents.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Hmm, I know this name, one of Dorland’s men. Very odd. Nobody but you should be up there. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this.

Ethan Thomas (respond): Hell of a time to change your mind.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Search the main lodge then get the heck out of there. I can’t get into it right now but something weird is going on here too.

(Exploring the lodge, Ethan stumbles upon a huge bear, tearing apart another special forces. Having run away from the bear, Ethan finds a TV.)

Professor: … some sort of sonic resonance, almost an abnormal tuning quality - the likes the world has never seen!

Sarah Brenton: One moment, Professor, one moment. So you’re… stating that this metal sample that you have… excuse me, HAD… was something not of this world?

Professor: No, no, no, dear lady, you misunderstand. It IS of this world - but we don’t have the technology, the capability, to make this form of metal. But someone did! Yes, yes, someone did - but it couldn’t of been any known technologically advanced country that we are aware of.

Sarah Brenton: There must be some faction, some unknown group that has taken metallurgy to a new level - but for what purpose? And where is this metal sample now, professor?

Professor: It is - regrettably - missing…

Sarah Brenton: This is City News.

(After walking a little forward, Ethan hears someone’s voice.)

Voice: No! No! Block the door! You’ll never make it!

(Ethan sees the mortally wounded Special Forces soldier lying on the floor.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): What the fuck are you guys doing up here?

SCU member: Shut up! Take this. There’s one shot left. Make it count. Wait for my signal!

Taking his shotgun, Ethan sees the bear burst into the hallway. He takes aim.

SCU member: Now!

(Ethan shoots and the entire corridor collapses. The screen goes dark. We hear the bear’s roar, Ethan’s moans and voices on the radio.)

Voice 1 (over the radio): Sir, we have an unexpected problem. This was supposed to be a simple cleanup operation, what the hell is going on up there?

Voice 2 (over the radio): It looks like the target is still alive.

Voice 1 (over the radio): What?! Fuck! Alright, continue with your objective. Under no circumstances should any part of Vanhorn’s library ever leave that mountain. Is that clear?

Voice 2 (over the radio): Yes sir. And the target?

Voice 1 (over the radio): Eliminate him! He can’t be allowed to interfere with our plans any more than he has.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Ethan, are you hearing this?

Ethan Thomas (respond): What are these guys up to?

Rosa Angel (over the radio): I don’t understand. This can’t be sanctioned SCU operation. But they are using a SCU frequency… Find Vanhorn’s library, but do it carefully… and quickly.

SCU member 1 (over the radio): Demolitions team standing by.

SCU member 2 (over the radio): Copy that. Ground team, oh-14, prepare time sync ZULU… mark.

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, I found the door to the library but it seems to be rigged with some sort of device, possibly an explosive.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Nothing is ever easy is it? Can you give me more information.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Give me a minute to look up this number.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Wow, a DETM-12x. A class ’A’, high powered detonator used to control multiple remote blast points. Real hardcore stuff… If you see a blinking LED it means that the detonator has been armed and that’s a problem. Ethan, you’ll need to find and dispose of all the remote blast points before you can even breathe on that detonator. Ethan, the system is linked together by pneumatic tubes filled with a gas that glows under UV lighting. This should make finding the blast points easier.

SCU member 1 (over the radio): The target is in the lodge, last known location, South entrance.

SCU member 2 (over the radio): He’s near the library!

SCU member 1 (over the radio): On our way.

Sarah Brenton: Our City News van has been missing for 18 hours now. We are offering a reward for information leading to the return of our van and, also, our camera-man Ben Feist. Please notify the authorities immediately if you have any information regarding this unfortunate event. This is City News.

(Ethan finds one of the bombs attached to the wall.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): You’ll need to disconnect the explosive from its housing and quickly get it outside… throw it out a window if you can.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Ethan, dozens of Agents just arrived at the office. I don’t recognize any of them. They’re asking a lot of questions about you and Farrell. I’m getting really worried. I’ve denied having any contact with you… I don’t think they believe me though…

Radio: The attorney general, although only slightly drunk, could not explain his nudity. Now - for the local news. Startling footage taken from a the group of rioters, are themselves using the camera stolen from the City News van two days ago has shown up on the internet. The City News jacket in the scene worn by one of the rioters does appear to be the size and structure of our missing camera men Ben Feist, but we CANNOT confirm that this is his jacket nor that the red stains on the shoulders IS his blood. We’ll bring you more on this as it develops - This is City News.

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, I’m sending you a picture. Can you decipher the meaning of the engravings?

(In one of the rooms, Ethan finds an inscription and many objects glued to the wall.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Excellent. Let’s continue our discussion through your field kit.

Rosa Angel (over the phone): Okay, the phrase, ’My Uncle saved me to rise again’ seems to confirm that SKX was brought back to the lodge by Vanhorn to recover from his injuries. He makes mention of an organization called the Oro - I’ve never heard of it, but I’ll look into it. These sketches off to the side a bit more unsettling. The metal pieces are similar to the pieces ripped from the body of Rachel Mars. You’re onto something - keep looking.

(Ethan throws away the last bomb.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Ethan, once all of the explosives are taking care of get back to the detonator on the door as fast as you can. The countdown will be triggered.

SCU member 1 (over the radio): The far wing blaster detonated. What the hell is going on up there?

SCU member 2 (over the radio): No response from Bravo unit. Send reinforcements.

(Ethan returns to the locked door.)

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, I’m back at the detonator and you’re right, it’s counting down…

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Okay, quickly describe it to me. There are a couple possible configurations.

(Ethan takes a picture.)

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Got it… let’s see. Okay, according to the information you send me, you need to cut the cable on the right. I’m pretty sure of it.

(Ethan cuts the cable.)

Ethan Thomas (respond): Rosa, the detonator has been deactivated.

Rosa Angel (over the radio): Phew!

(Entering the room, Ethan finds a computer.)

Ethan Thomas: Rosa. Vanhorn’s computer is asking, ’what makes me special?’

Rosa Angel (over the radio): It sounds like a password request.

(Ethan types “Vocal cords”.)

Malcolm Vanhorn (on the video): Hello Ethan. My future is uncertain and so I leave this message to you. I made a promise to your parents long ago but under the circumstances, I must break that promise. You life, the real truth, was never to be revealed, but times have changed, and I fear danger has come to you like it has come to me. When your defected from the Oro, they were hunted down and killed. Your identity remained a secret and only I knew of your existence, but that is no longer the case. The Oro has reached a new level of power and they suspect your potential and will, no doubt, see you as a threat. Now, I know foster home was tough on you, but it was necessary to try and maintain anonymity. I hope you will understand that I did my best. To complicate matters my nephew, the person you know as SKX, just recently find hope in the Oro. It was never my intention. In fact I spend majority of my life opposing the Oro. They were responsible for the death of my wife and child so many years ago. This put my nephew and me at odds resulting in the current state of my affairs. He will stop at nothing to become one of them… and this is why our paths are crossing once again. Be careful, Ethan. The Oro’s power is intoxicating, crippling… and they will…

(The recording cuts off the computer shot. A firefight ensues. After a while, a small truck bursts into the room, with Le Rue sitting behind the wheel.)

Pierce Le Rue (over the radio): Mr. Thomas, get in. When your pilot failed to check in, Rosa send me up here to look after you. I’m glad I came. Get in!

(A cutscene begins. Rose is on the phone with Ethan in her office.)

Rosa Angel (over the phone): Dorland’s agents are everywhere. I’m afraid to step outside my lab. If they find out I’ve been helping you… I… I don’t know what they’ll do.

Ethan Thomas: What about Farrell?

Rosa Angel (over the phone): Nobody knows where he is. He’s just… gone. Right now, Dorland and his agents are acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary… The commissioner is here and he and Dorland acting like old college buddies! I mean, the city crumbling all around us, riots, fires, murders and now… this… What’s going on? I’m… I’m sorry, I’m… I’m just worried something bad is about to happen.

Ethan Thomas: I’m sure there’s an explanation for all this. Why is the Commissioner there?

Rosa Angel (over the phone): Apparently, they found him.

Ethan Thomas: Found who?

Rosa Angel (over the phone): SKX. Near the old bowling alley in Trenton. As wild as this may sound, SKX can help us. Speak to him. Ask him why all this is happening.

Ethan Thomas: If he’s got something to say, I’ll get it out of him.

Rosa Angel (over the phone): Dorland’s men are there and they’re not letting anyone near the scene.

Pierce Le Rue: Leave that to me, Rosa, I can get us in.

Ethan Thomas: How do I know you are not working with Dorland right now?

Pierce Le Rue: I’ve taken my last order from that asshole.

Rosa Angel (over the phone): Ethan, Le Rue is the only other agent I trust right now. There’s nobody else. No one. We’re on our own.

[Le Rue brings Ethan to the bus transporting prisoners. The whole area is blocked off by cars. They are hiding behind boxes.]

Pierce Le Rue: They're holding SKX in the bus. We need to act fast before they take him to SCU. I'll draw the two agents away while you sneak in.

Ethan: What about the guy inside?

Pierce Le Rue: That's your call, but whatever you do, do it quietly.

[Le Rue comes out of hiding and approaches the soldiers. While he diverts their attention, Ethan tries to go around their side.]

Pierce Le Rue: Where are we at on getting this transport out of here?

SCU Soldier: Uh… we're just waiting for the okay. Apparently, there's some sort of confusion on what to do with him.

Pierce Le Rue: Sounds like typical agency red tape. You got a smoke?

SCU Soldier: Yeah, sure…

[Ethan grabs one of the soldiers and knocks him out.]

SCU Soldier: Here you go.

Pierce Le Rue: Thanks. I heard there was a big ruckus up at Black Lake.

SCU Soldier: Where did you hear that?

Pierce Le Rue: It's all over the news. The entire lodge was destroyed.

SCU Soldier: Well, I don't know anything about that…

Pierce Le Rue: Right, right... of course you don't.

Ethan strangles the second soldier as well, after which he enters the bus.

Pierce Le Rue: (sarcastic) Damn I guess that's one way of sneaking into the bus!

[Ethan opens the cage and approaches SKX.]

Ethan Thomas: Why did you kill your Uncle?

SKX: He refused to cooperate… he had it coming.

Ethan Thomas: What about the Mayor? Did you kill her for the same reason? Jesus...

SKX: How's the finger? Miss it? Do you think of me when you go to scratch? I think of you every time I look in the mirror.

Ethan Thomas: Answer my question you sick bastard or the fingers you left me will wrap around your neck. (chokes SKX) Answer me!

SKX: Such power…

Ethan Thomas: The Oro?

SKX: Of course the Oro!

Ethan Thomas: Why kill Vanhorn… and the Mayor?

SKX: Their bodies possessed… the Oro's secret. It was necessary.

[There are voices and gunshots coming from outside.]

Ethan Thomas: The Oro… who are they? Where can I find them?

Pierce Le Rue: Mr. Thomas, we need to get out of here pronto!

[SKX seizes the moment and punches Ethan in the face and escapes. Ethan loses consciousness for a while.]

Ethan Thomas: (respond) Shit! Le Rue!

Pierce Le Rue: Mr. SKX… you go after him... hurry… I'll be okay.

[Ethan enters the building and begins to pursue the maniac, wading through rubble and fighting with local criminals.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Ethan, come in. Le Rue's not responding, what's happening?

Ethan Thomas: Le Rue's hurt and that bastard SKX has escaped.

Rosa Angel (via radio): What?! I'll send help. Don't let SKX get away.

[A battered bum comes out to Ethan.]

Bum: He killed my best friend.

[Ethan throws a bowling ball at his head, turning it into a bloody mess. Being clinically insane, stupefied by drugs and alcohol, our hero sees little difference between a scumbag trying to kill him and a harmless local bum. Afterwards, Ethan goes out to the room where our maniac has apparently been living for some time.]

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, found some sort of list.

Rosa Angel (via radio): Hold on. One of Dorland's men just walked by. Okay, give me the details.

[Ethan begins an investigation. He must match the names on the sheet with the real names.]

Put name to UNCLE?:


Vanhorn ✓




Put name to MAYOR?:



Mars ✓



Put name to DIRECTOR?:

Farrell ✓





Put name to MAGICMAN?:





Unknown ✓

[Ethan sends back the results.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): The info is coming in now… Hmm… a strange collection of names to find in a bowling alley… I recognize all of them except Magicman.

Voice: I know what you're looking for. (laughs) I know who you're looking for. He went that way.

[Ethan notices the light on in the administration booth. He sees someone there, but he can't see clearly. He continues to investigate.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Go ahead, Ethan.

[He examines the severed head lying in place of a bowling ball.]


Female head ✓

Male head


Gym bag

Woman's purse

Bowling bag ✓





Filled with blood ✓

Pair of shoes

A bowling ball








Rosa Angel (via radio): Receiving information… A real sick-o. According to your evidence, it looks like SKX uses the bowling bag to carry the head around. Get a picture. I'll see if I can make an ID.

[Ethan takes a picture of the head.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Got it. Excellent work. Well, I've seen that face a hundred times on TV... it belongs to Mayor Rachel Mars. It's probably coincidence SKX was near the bowling alley. This must be his base operation.

[Ethan continues to explore the bowling alley and enters the maintenance rooms.]

Radio: To repeat our top story, Halloween has been officially cancelled this year by the current administration in all inner-city boroughs. The rampant crime and extreme violence up swell in our city of recent months has given the feeling that a permanent state of Halloween' already exists and the general public is scared enough as it is.

Radio: I'm just outside the old Trenton Bowling Alley where there is currently some form of SCU Operation proceeding. A person of significant interest who could potentially be at the root of the evil that befouls our city is supposedly inside. I will stay here — until we know EXACTLY what is going on… This is City News.

Radio: [Grieving Father]... <sob> s-she was a good kid, no… no reason at all...<sniff> as to why she would do what she did. Why would she do such a thing to herself? [Tony Rhodes] Melinda Alphert, in an apparent psychotic episode, had sliced open her arms, legs, back of her hands, and lower abdomen in some apparent search Inside herself. She then sutured herself back up burbled to death in the process. She had sewn over 600 stitches into her own skin before giving in the blood loss and…

[Ethan finds the scene of a mass murder.]

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, come in. I'm located Farrell.

Rosa Angel (via radio): You did? Is he all right? What's his condition?


I'm not sure

He looks dead

He's still alive ✓

Ethan Thomas: He's still alive but cut up pretty badly.

Rosa Angel (via radio): Okay. Well, the list of names now makes sense. It's a list of SKX's targets. The Magicman whoever he is must be next.

Director Ike Farrell: (barely alive) SKX is studying me… same as he did with the others... Help me. Cut these straps so I can get out of here. He's experimenting on the homeless… testing... perfecting… Hurry, they know you're here.

[Ethan picks up a rusty knife and chops up the straps.]

Director Ike Farrell: That should do it. Quickly now. SKX is delusional and psychotic… just like he's the subjects. Let's move cautiously.

[They walk together through the corridors. After beating another bum, Ethan faints.]

Dorland: Disgusting creatures wouldn't you agree Mr. Thomas?

Ethan Thomas: The two-faced rat himself…

Dorland: You still haven't grasped the situation have you? Farrell's your executioner. He's not worthy of your loyalty.

Director Ike Farrell: Don't do this Dorland. He belongs with us! You're a fool if you don't see that.

Ethan Thomas: When did the SCU employ murderers?

Dorland: I take orders from the Oro and so should he… isn't that right? Get up! Finish the job! Kill him before he ruins everything!

[He throws Farrell into the cage with Ethan.]

Director Ike Farrell: No!

Dorland: Do it! Remember who you are!

Director Ike Farrell: (to Ethan) I've risked everything… Find the Voice!

[Ethan's head begins to ring. His eyes get blurry... he lets out a kind of furious growl and blows Farrell's head to pieces. A soldier approaches Ethan with a rifle, but stops abruptly. He is stabbed in the back by SKX. He smiles at Ethan.]

SKX: Come on!

[The soldiers begin shelling the cage from above. Ethan runs after the killer.]

SKX: Over there.

[They hide on opposite sides of the door and wait for the soldiers to run past, after which SKX brutally kills them with a knife. After dealing with the cavalry, he runs up to Ethan and puts the knife to his throat.]

Ethan Thomas: What's this about? I thought you were on their side...

SKX: Shut up! Think of this as a future investment. Yes...I look forward to cutting you open—learn your little secret.

[Outside, police sirens are howling.]

SKX: But now's not the time. See you around.

[He runs away. Rosa tries to contact Ethan on the radio.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Ethan, something's happened. There's panic. Dorland's agents are gathering everyone up for questioning. They're looking for you…

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, listen to me. The Magicman… I know that name. A real tricky son of a bitch. Hangs out at Svenson's Magic Theatre, have you heard of it?

Rosa Angel (via radio): Yeah, I think so...

Ethan Thomas: Meet me there as soon as you can and make sure you're not followed.

Rosa Angel (via radio): Okay, I'm on my way.

[Next scene. Ethan is sitting behind the bar drinking alcohol again. From the looks of it, he's either very drunk or has something wrong with his head. Demon walks up to him, wearing the exact same costume as his.]

Demon: Drink. It's what you do… it's who you are.

Ethan Thomas: Shut up.

Demon: Go ahead.

Ethan Thomas: I said, shut up!

[However, no one is near him. When Ethan turns his gaze to his glass, it is filled with black sludge.]

Demon: Give in.

[Ethan smashes the glass against the wall.]

Ethan Thomas: No! No more!

[He clutches his head. The world around him begins to spin, and then... Ethan realizes he can't go on like this. He must defeat his demon. He grabs a bottle from the counter and hits the Demon violently in the face several times. He wakes up on the floor of the bar. Rose is standing next to him.]

Rosa Angel: Ethan, wake up. It's okay, you were having a nightmare.

Ethan Thomas: Damn, my head is killing me.

Rosa Angel: They're exhausted... we both are.

[Ethan gets to his feet.]

Rosa Angel: Like I was saying, SKX is out of the picture—Dorland and the Oro are our main concern. This may end up being a wild goose chase, but if we're right the Magicman can help us.

[She walks over to her laptop and starts typing something. Ethan looks around the house. In one of the rooms on the second floor, he finds a strange thing. In the center of a small arena there is a man sitting in a cage. The arena itself is blocked by streams of flame.]

Voice: The house of illusion, the slight of hand, the bizarre and unexplainable welcomes you! The Magicman welcomes you! Please have your tickets ready! We aim to astound and amaze so let's get started. A wonderful treat awaits.

[The barrier blocking the passage to the man in the cage begins to rotate. Each of its segments is different - it is necessary to wait for such moment when it will be possible to pass and not to burn on fire.]

Voice: Expect the expected!

[And the unexpected happens! The barrier stops spinning... Ethan gets in the elevator and goes up to the upper floors.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): I've updated your field kit with some interesting information regarding the Oro. I've searched for information regarding the Oro and came up with very little. What's odd is that there's no mention of the organization in any government database, however, I've managed to locate a few 'fan sites' on the internet. From what I can gather, the name Oro is short for Oro Invictus which means Invincible Voice. It appears they've been around for more than three thousand years. Pretty remarkable if true… but we must consider the source.

Possible responds:

See anything about the Oro's purpose, their objective? ✓

What's the origin of the name Oro Invictus?

Were humans even around two thousand years ago?

Ethan Thomas: See anything about the Oro's purpose, their objective?

Rosa Angel (via radio): No specifics, but I get the impression that the Oro's primary goal is to manipulate, possibly to change the natural course of human evolution… However, the information is too sketchy to establish anything concrete.

[Ethan launches the fire barrier again and goes down to it.]

Radio: His name: Ethan Thomas. His issue: a drunken, washed-up SCU agent with a chip on his shoulder. Our reason for reporting him? He is how SCU's Number One Most Wanted. If you see him, report it immediately to the authorities. Help us recapture our city from the brink of destruction upon which it teeters. This is City News.

[Ethan manages to get to the man in the cage. There are swords stuck on either side of him. Ethan stabs them into the man's body. Several burning enemies appear, which Ethan quickly kills with a fire axe. The barrier opens and Ethan moves on.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Hey, I've updated your kit with more info. Check it out. Before leaving the SCU, I managed to grab the disc Dorland's agents found on SKX. It's some sort of journal he was keeping. Most of it is meaningless babble, but listen to this: The root of the Oro's plan revolves around a tradition called Sonic Generation. It's the ability to produce complex sounds that project out from not just the mouth but the entire body. People subjected to these sound waves experience acute bouts of paranoia. This is followed by hallucinatory episodes that slip quickly into psychosis and other forms of uncontrolled violent behavior. It goes on to say: People with natural tendencies to be violent become even more so when exposed to sonic emissions. Ethan, the application of this is huge!

Possible responds:

Do experts know what causes people to become violent?

Are you suggesting this organization is responsible for all that's wrong in the city? ✓

When do you think SKX made this entry?

Ethan Thomas: Are you suggesting this organization is responsible for all that's wrong in the city?

Rosa Angel (via radio): Maybe not 'all'... it's probably just the rambles of a man who's psychotic himself… but something about it rings true, though. Imagine if all of man's atrocities-war, murder, acts of cruelty—the very origins of crime itself—can be explained and linked to this group. I'll admit it's pretty far-fetched, but a tantalizing theory nonetheless…

Possible responds:

How do you spell, Oro?

Does Dorland know you have this disc?

Does he describe how Sonic Generation works? ✓

Ethan Thomas: Does he describe how Sonic Generation works?

Rosa Angel (via radio): He does… it's a little sci-fi, but here's what he wrote: 'Their ability to create sonic tones is due, in part, to an enlarged hollow sternum and a higher than normal bone density, Unique vocal cords can create, when trained, complex sounds that reverberate through the sternum and chest cavity like a finely tuned instrument.' Now get this: 'Vanous metal apparatuses, surgically implanted into the bone and skin, can amplify the effect.' Wow! Pretty interesting stuff.

Voice: Our next performance is a real crowd pleaser: Death comes by some horrible means? Believe the unbelievable.

[Ethan walks on and comes out to a small stage.]

Voice: Like a bird you are drawn to me… and like a bird, you find retreat impossible.

Ethan Thomas: I'm not here to play your fucked up games, Magicman.

Magicman: No… not like a bird, not like those other helpless people lining the bowels of the city.

Ethan Thomas: Enough babbling! Come out, so I can see you!

Magicman: You're not so easily influenced, that much is obvious. That would be so… ordinary. You're much more aren't you?

[Ethan goes backstage and finds a man lying there on a table with needles.]

Magicman: The underground is abuzz Mr. Thomas.

Ethan Thomas: How do you know who I am?

Magicman: Fear travels fast.

Ethan Thomas: (pushes him) Start making some sense.

Magicman: Rememdium, the Remedy… was supposed to be a myth… a bedtime story… but now… you've made them think otherwise.

Ethan Thomas: You can all go to hell.

Magicman: Wait! Please… it's a gift… The ideal body… perfectly tuned from birth. Capable of resonating a sound so powerful it can… destroy flesh and bone. I-It's what they fear most. A power greater than theirs.

Ethan Thomas: This is bullshit. Are you a member of the Oro?

Magicman: A sick, incestuous organization… no, not anymore. But I can tell you they are on the verge of suffocating this city.

Ethan Thomas: What?

Magicman: Let's just say Big Brother is all grown up and hungry for power.

Ethan Thomas: Where can I find them?

Magicman: You don't know what you're asking...I can't… (Ethan chokes him) Alright... The peninsula. The answers you want are there.

[He disappears. Ethan hears the voice from the speakers again.]

Magicman: A warning to the old, the young, and the weak at heart. It only gets more fantastical, more, dare I say, fucked up from here. (laughs) Send my regards, Mr. Thomas!

Rosa Angel: Are you sure about this?

Ethan Thomas: Absolutely. The barge is the quickest way to the peninsula.

Rosa Angel: But it's nothing but landfill.

Ethan Thomas: According to the Magicman, it's where we can find the Oro.

Rosa Angel: Maybe we should call the police.

Ethan Thomas: You said it yourself... we can't trust anyone now. Rosa, I've rattled their cage. This may be our only chance to get to the bottom of what's going on. They want me dead, Dorland made that perfectly clear more than once.

[They are attacked by... a flock of crows. Ethan uses the Voice and turns them into a bloody slurry. Rosa is frightened and pulls out her gun.]

Rosa Angel: Stay away from me!

Ethan Thomas: No! You don't understand…

[She runs away. Ethan tries to contact her on the radio.]

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, come in! Talk to me. Shit!

[After a while…]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Ethan?

Ethan Thomas: Dammit, Rosa, where are you?

Rosa Angel (via radio): I think I made a mistake coming down here. I didn't know what else to do, I... oh God - There's something down here!

Ethan Thomas: Okay, find a place to hide and wait for me… no more meltdowns.

[Ethan goes down into the cargo hold of the barge. There are some unidentifiable watermen in there.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): I got a couple of the scrawny ones.

Ethan Thomas: Rosa, what's happening? Lay low for Christ's sake.

Rosa Angel (via radio): I'm working my way to the far end of the barge. Meet me there.

Radio: [Worker] ...but she can't handle any more. I'm giving her all she's got. Full power now, damn you! [Tony Rhodes] This was the scene in the View Ridge Power Plant Control Room today after eleven individuals either jumped or were pushed from the top of the Baerridge Dam. Their bodies entered the primal flow chamber and stopped flow-agitators Numbers four and seven, reducing power output by 39%... Sarah? [Sarah Brenton] Thanks Tony. Another tragic event all too familiar to the people of this city. Sarah Brenton, City News.

[Breaking piles of debris in front of him, an iron robot jumps out at Ethan.]

Ethan Thomas (respond): Holy shit!

[He throws a bottle at him and takes off running. Ethan climbs into the cabin of the barge and turns on the magnet, which draws a whole bus from the cargo hold. He climbs inside and finds... a crossbow. It's time to deal with the robot. Just one shot and the huge machine is defeated. Ethan continues to explore the cargo bay in trouble finding more robots, but thanks to a magnet and a trash compactor they don't pose much of a problem for him.]

Ethan Thomas: One down. Come on, motherfuckers.

Rosa Angel (via radio): I've barricaded myself inside a room but I don't know how long I can hold out.

[Ethan finds Rosa among piles of garbage.]

Rosa Angel: Ethan, is that you?

Ethan Thomas (respond): Yeah, it's me.

Rosa Angel: I'm sorry. What happened earlier wasn't your fault.

Ethan Thomas: Stay here.

[Ethan goes to finish off the remaining watermen, but falls down the stairs and stabs himself in the leg. He picks up a nearby nail gun and fires back.]

Voice: They know you're coming so you might as well let me kill you now.

[When Ethan kills a whole crowd of watermen, Rose runs up to him.]

Ethan Thomas: We're here...

Rosa Angel: Stay still, you're losing a lot of blood.

Ethan Thomas: I need to get up… I need to keep moving.

Rosa Angel: I don't think that's a good—

[Ethan removes the piece of iron from his leg.]

Ethan Thomas: Arrrgh!

Rosa Angel: We need to get you to a hospital. I'm going up top to call for help. You stay right here.

Ethan Thomas: Rosa…

Rosa Angel: You'll be okay, don't worry.

Ethan Thomas: No… trust no one. Don't let them get to you.

Rosa Angel: I won't. Now just sit tight, I'll be right back.

[She walks away. Ethan hides in a container and passes out. When he comes to, he sees the Demon in front of him again.]

Demon: It's been a long road hasn't it?

Ethan Thomas: I thought I killed you…

Demon: I represent all your demons, Ethan. Alcohol was just one of them.

Ethan Thomas: What now?

Demon: Acceptance.

Ethan Thomas: Of what? That I'm a freak? That I'm slowly losing it?

Demon: To some degree yes. Your hallucinations are an unfortunate side effect of their influence, it's what they want you to experience, but it's not real—l'm not real. Vox rememdium unus—the Voice, the Remedy, the One. That's what's real.

Ethan Thomas: Enough! I don't want to hear it.

Demon: It's what you are… it's what the Oro fear most. Many have died to protect you, Ethan, including your parents.

Ethan Thomas: No.

Demon: Acceptance, Ethan. Acceptance.

[The container is shaking. It must be being lifted. Ethan ends up on the peninsula.]

Loudspeaker: Mr. Thomas, we know you're in there. Save us all the trouble and exit peacefully. Let's put an end to this pointless pursuit of yours.

VOICE ATTACK: A very powerful ability has awoken in you. To initiate, rapidly press (L1) (R1) until sonic blast is released. HINT: A short rest is needed between attacks.

Loudspeaker: Those who have opposed the Oro are dead. We must prevent the weakening of our organization, certainly you understand that.

[Ethan kills several of the soldiers surrounding the container with his scream. He picks up a machine gun and starts killing mercilessly.]

Loudspeaker: Your potential was recognized early on but you disappeared after the death of your parents. It was careless and I've been chosen to fix that error.

Radio: [Tony Rhodes] (sounds of struggle)... I've been given a chance to speak... they have me strapped… to a metal table… in the old (smack!) They say that I might have some of it… Where? Where?... What? Oh God… they're going to cut me open, they're going to cuAAAAAHHHHHH!!! HHHHHHHhhhhhh......[abrupt end]

Radio: The peninsula, Home to scrap metal and giant empty ships hulls. It's a no man's land, infrequently visited except by those assigned to off load the many junk barges that cross the river every day. It's a ghostly place that for that past century has warded off unwanted guests by simply being what it is, a graveyard. Towering monoliths, impenetrable cast iron walls and rusty metal shards make for oddly appealing abstract compositions but there's no mistaking that some form of evil exists there—at least that's the belief of many local residents. It's a blemish on the landscape of our city and can be seen from almost every visa. But what can be done? These were the words of the late Tony Rhodes pre-recorded hours before his death. Beautiful, thoughtful, the end of a great reporter and friend. This is Sarah Brenton, City News. Good night.

[After a long exploration of the dock, stuffed to the top with strange equipment and long glowing blue wires, Ethan walks out to the elevator and goes upstairs.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Ethan, this is Rosa. I should be angry, but I half expected you would go on alone.

Ethan Thomas: Sorry, but I have shit to take care of... There is no sense in risking your neck tagging along.

Rosa Angel (via radio): I understand. Look, when you need me I'll be there. Good luck.

[On the rooftops he finds even uglier watermen, one of whom is tied to the ceiling. Ethan punches him in his creepy toothy face.]

Dorland: (from afar) As you can see our sonic ability has had a negative impact on us too. More and more newborns are Deforms. They're mindless souls, born without arms or sight. It's a bit cruel, but they make great watchdogs.

[Ethan enters a room with a very high ceiling. There is a strange device in the center of the room, and a huge number of televisions along the walls.]

Dorland: (from afar) The city is under constant surveillance. And soon, our systems will be in full operation further propagating our sonic ability. There's no escaping us, Mr. Thomas.

Ethan Thomas (respond): You don't have the fucking right, influencing people's life like this.

[They fight briefly. Ethan throws a few solid blows, after which Dorland lies on the floor. Ethan looks around for a way to disable the device. He finds a control room with an antenna.]

Dorland: Step away!

[Without listening to him, Ethan grabs the antenna.]

Dorland: They will continue to influence people, watch them, shape them, manipulate them.... Your purpose Ethan is to push back. Be the Voice against the Oro—the cure that puts or end to the sickness they bring.

[The pole in the center of the room begins to collapse after manipulating the antenna.]

Dorland: Oh God. You don't know what you've done.

[The whole room is falling to pieces. There is smoke and fire everywhere. Ethan runs to the exit, but the bridge under his feet collapses and he falls down. The buzzing of the acoustic mechanisms makes his head explode. Suddenly he sees Rosa.]

Rosa Angel: What the hell did you do? Forget Dorland—get out of there!

Ethan Thomas: He's unfinished business!

Rosa Angel (via radio): Okay, I've got help arriving soon.

[Dorland runs up to Ethan. He's turned into a monster. He's also pissed off.]

Dorland: Did you think we would allow ourselves to self destruct? Become Deforms? These masks protect us.

[Ethan engages in a bloody battle with the monster, simultaneously destroying the acoustic mechanisms that prevent him from using his abilities. Finally, the main villain is defeated.]

Rosa Angel (via radio): Ethan, please listen to me. You need to get off that thing before it collapses.

Dorland: You're a fool.

Ethan Thomas: Shut up! What are the Oro's motives?

Dorland: To create hostility… the unwavering desire to fight. To unknowingly become our protectors.

Ethan Thomas: Protectors from what? Tell me!

[However, Dorland dies.]

Ethan Thomas: You don't know do you? Christ, you're the fool—a puppet like everyone else.

Rosa Angel (via radio): Now Ethan! Grab the ladder, now!

[Ethan grabs the helicopter's ladder. The peninsula sinks under the water... but then it turns out Dorland is alive! He grabs hold of Ethan's leg.]

Ethan Thomas: Get… the fuck… off me!

[He knocks Dorland down with a powerful kick of his boot. He falls into the depths of the sinking building, hitting his head in the process.]

Ethan Thomas: Enjoy the scenic route, asshole!

[He climbs into the helicopter.]

Rosa Angel: Cutting it a bit close wouldn't you say? Well you made it, that's the important thing. Anyway, you-know-what has really hit the fan. You've uncovered something big, and I suspect over the next few weeks more will be weeded out—good thing too—some really influential people belong to the Oro.

Pierce Le Rue: Hey Buddy. As soon as they fix that leg up let's say you and I go get a drink.

Ethan Thomas: I don't think so Le Rue.

Pierce Le Rue: Right on! Hey man, call me Pierce… my friends call me Pierce.

Ethan Thomas: What I need is some sleep.

[He immediately falls asleep. The helicopter flies away into the misty distance.]

3 hours later

[The President of the United States of America speaks at a press conference.]

Reporter: Mr. President, what about the increase in violence? It appears to be a national problem.

President: We're looking into the issue. We're also supporting all local agencies in their efforts to… huh? ...Oh, excuse me for a moment.

A security hands him a piece of paper. The president reads what is written and clutches his heart. On the piece of paper we see the handwritten inscription: “The remedy is among us!!!” Meanwhile, SKX finds himself in the company of the cultists from Oro.

SKX: I'm ready.

[A special medical device is inserted into his mouth so that his mouth does not close during surgery.]