Condemned Wiki

Condemned 2 offers a Multiplayer mode that supports up to 8 players through LAN/Xbox LIVE/PSN spanning across 4 different modes and 9 different multiplayer maps. The PS3 version of the game's multiplayer discontinued back in 2014 due to the GameSpy shutdown.


There are 9 different maps to choose from in Condemned 2.

Hangover- Just outside the bar, is an alleyway brimming with snow, garbage, and whiskey.

Lodge- Far away from the reaches of Metro houses the imfamous Black lake lodge where rabid bears roam about.

Doll Factory- Inside the abandoned walker doll factory rests the heart of the factory's primary operation where youll smell nothing but burnt rubber and ash. 

Barge- Off the coast of Metro harbors a Cargo ship thats right on the pennisula. 

Burnback Alley- Deep in the mean streets of burnside dr. lies an alleyway of some of the most notorious gang hideouts. (This map is based off of the level of the same name from Condmened: Criminal Origins) 

Slaughterhouse- Inside this slaughter space houses a gruseome interior of long, grim looking hallways and corridors, bloodstains, and the cold breeze of the cold storage units.

Vertigo- Suspended on an almost collapsed bridge filled with graffiti cargo containers and bonfires.

Underground- Deep under the city lies an array of subway tunnels and stinking sewers.

Farmhouse- In the rural town of Briar, sits the abandoned Apple Seed Orchad Farmhouse.


There are 4 unique modes in Condemned 2 Multiplayer.

Deathmatch- An all out FFA. The SCU/Rioter to get the most kills win.

Team Deathmatch- The less chaotic version of Deathmatch. This mode brings a whole new meaning of class warfare. The team to get the most kills win.

Bum Rush- A player survival mode where 2 heavily armed SCU agents must survive against endless Influenced attacks until the time runs out.

Crime Scene- The most unique mode in multiplayer that takes elements of the SP. The SCU must locate and secure the evidence of two coolers with their gas spectrometers while the Influeced must hide and protect the evidence.