Deputy Dennis Black is a minor character featured in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. He is a Metro City police officer who is dispatched to the Preston Hotel after Malcolm Vanhorn calls for help. He is shot through the torso by Leland Vanhorn in the game's intro and dies some time later.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Edit

Deputy Black's only live appearance is during the opening cutscene. He does not appear in person, but is instead heard ordering Leland to surrender as Malcolm cowers behind a door. Instead of surrendering, Leland draws a .38 handgun and brutally guns down the officer as Malcolm watches in horror through a peephole.

Later, Ethan Thomas, Agent LeRue, and Agent Dorland are sent to the hotel to search for Malcolm Vanhorn's body. They become separated and Ethan discovers Deputy Black's body in the main lobby, having survived the intial gunshot wound before crawling down the hall, and to the floor below before finally stopping in the lobby where he bled to death. After Ethan analyses the body, Rosa identifies him as Deputy Dennis Black and states that he had been missing for two days.

Using his UV Light, Ethan then follows the blood trail from Deputy Black's body back up to the room where Malcolm Vanhorn was killed. Deputy Black's hat can be seen sitting on a chair just outside the room and his blood splatter on the door.