Detective Dickenson

Detective Dickenson is an SCU detective appearing in Condemned: Criminal Origins, and voiced by Peter Jacobs.

Condemned: Criminal OriginsEdit

Dickenson appears only in the first level of the game, where he assists Ethan Thomas in his investigation at the Weisman Office Building. Upon Ethan's arrival, Dickenson leads Ethan to the crime scene. When he believes the killer is still on the premises, he and Officer Becker go searching for him.

When Ethan informs Dickenson that his handgun was stolen from him while trying to restore power to the building. Dickenson hands Ethan a fire axe to chop his way through a locked door.

Dickenson and Becker later meet up with Ethan, who is being assaulted by the man later revealed as "Serial Killer X" (Leland Vanhorn). The two officers draw their weapons, but not before SKX manages to shoot both of them with Ethan's handgun.

Throughout the rest of the game, Dickenson, along with Becker, are mentioned in a few levels.