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The Doll Factory is a Condemned 2: Bloodshot multiplayer map. Deathmatch, Bum Rush, and Team Deathmatch games can be played here. The map is very small and has few weapons to choose from. It is based on the starting area from the Walker Doll Factory in Singleplayer. The upper area, which consists of a catwalk and office, is inaccessible outside of Bum Rush due to the stairs being blocked.


Multiplayer Modes[]

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Bum Rush


  • There is a glitch that allows players to reach the normally inaccesible upper area in any game mode. Simply stand in front of the blocked staircase and allow another player (Who is on the same team as you) to attack you continuously until you are "pushed" over the obstacle and up the stairs. From there, the player may explore the top area freely and even collect Molotov Cocktails.