Magic man

The Magic Man

The Magic Man is a character in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. He is a magician that works at the Magic Theater, as well as a former Oro member. Ethan Thomas visits the Magic Theatre to interrogate him, although they end up fighting. Magic Man is voiced by Michael Bell.

Condemned 2: BloodshotEdit

The Magic Man is first mentioned in Trenton District, where it is revealed that he may be the next of SKX's victims. Ethan and Rosa then head to The Magic Theater. During this level, Ethan makes his way through the theatre, solving the Ticket Master puzzle in the process. Afterwards, he fights the Magic Man, inevitably defeating him by dropping him on a bed of spikes.

The wounded Magic Man reveals that he was once a former Oro member who defected because he saw them as a "sick, incestuous cult." He also reveals that their base of operations is the Peninsula and that they are very close to total world domination, saying the "Big Brother is all grown up" and is "hungry for power". He also mentions Ethan's hidden powers, although these abilities aren't actually seen until the next level. After the interrogation, the Magic Man suddenly disappears from the bed of spikes and speaks over an intercom system, revealing that he lived through his wounds.

Battle StrategyEdit

Magic man

Magic Man

The Magic Man will start the battle by sending one of his assistants after the player. Once she is defeated, he will appear on one of three pillars. Everytime he teleports to the next pillar, the player must throw a liquor bottle at it to ignite it and force the Magic Man to move elsewhere. If the player takes too long, he will unleash a powerful soundwave from a speaker, which can injure Ethan much like a Sonic Emitter. Once the Magic Man teleports to the platform above the bed of spikes, simply pull the nearby lever and the trap door will open, causing the Magic Man to fall on the spikes.