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A Meth Monkey wrestling with the player.

Meth Monkeys are enemies encountered in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. They are seen in the Preston Hotel level where they scamper around the disused hotel and assault the player. Meth Monkey's are feral and crazed individuals who have been driven insane by drug addiction or Oro influence. Meth Monkeys often mutter and cackle, giving their prescence away to the player. They suffer from extreme malnutrition and other health problems, and are thus very easy to defeat. 

Various meth labs can be discovered and destroyed, although it is unknown if the Meth Monkeys even utilize them anymore. Meth Monkeys carry syringes in their hands and use them to attack Ethan Thomas. It is possible to stab a Meth Monkey in the eye with their own syringes.