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The Preston Hotel is a location featured in Condemned 2: Bloodshot.


The Preston Hotel was once of one of Metro City's most famous and prestigious hotels. However, due to the increased number of homeless people and Oro activity, the Preston Hotel was shut down and abandoned. It's now the nest of countless drug addicts and hostile rioters.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot[]

The Preston Hotel is the second level of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. After Rosa and Dorland discover Ethan Thomas passed out in an alleyway, they re-recruit him into the SCU. Ethan is then taken via helicopter to the roof of the Preston Hotel to investigate the murder of Malcolm Vanhorn which occured that day. Dorland hands Ethan a Riot Gun after insulting his disgusting appearance and alcoholism. The two, along with Agent LeRue, enter the hotel and begin their search. Eventually, they reach an elevator shaft, where LeRue set up a ladder to descend to the lower floors. Dorland orders Ethan to go first, but the ladder breaks, causing him to fall several stories to ground level. His radio contact with the agents breaks, so he must continue the investigation using help from Rosa only. Eventually, Ethan finds the corpse of a Police Officer in the main lobby. Ethan proceeds to do a forensics report and finds that the victim crawled here. Ethan traces the blood trail with the help of his UV light and finds that it leads to the floor above him, meaning the victim dropped from the floor above. Ethan finds the Officer's hat, as well as his blood splatter on a nearby door in a hallway. Upon searching the room, Ethan drops down to a room below him and locates the body of Malcolm Vanhorn, which has been severely mutilated. Ethan regains contact with Dorland and LeRue before giving them his location, ending the level.