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The SKX Murders were a series of murders committed by Leland Vanhorn, a.k.a Serial Killer X (SKX) before and during the events of Condemned: Criminal Origins and Condemned 2: Bloodshot. The most notable part of these murders was that SKX killed other serial killers, and did so using their methods. However, over the course of the two games, SKX is forced to kill various others who get in his way or to further his plans, thus breaking his Modus Operandi.

Known Victims[]


  • The Roadside Carver - Throat cut, presumably with the same hunting knife he used to kill other victims.
  • The Bone Cutter - Disected his body and removed his organs, labelling each one for the police to find.
  • The Polaroid Killer - Mentioned in Condemned: The Prequel Story. Killed by SKX and subsequently photographed.
  • The Dumpster Strangler
  • The Window Washer
  • The Crescent Moon Killer
  • The Lunar-Tic Slasher
  • Agent Mallory* - Killed at the end of Condemned: The Prequel Story. Bludgeoned to death with a 2x4.

Condemned: Criminal Origins[]

*These victims were not serial killers themselves.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot[]

In this game, SKX's former modus operandi is abandonned. Instead he primarily kills Oro members in the hopes of dissecting them and learning their secrets.

  • Deputy Denis Black - Shot with a .38 handgun.
  • Malcolm Vanhorn - Shot with a .38 handgun and later dissected.
  • Mayor Rachel Mars - Decapitated, with chunks of flesh torn from her body.
  • Three SCU Agents - Stabbed by SKX with a hunting knife.