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Samuel Tibbits is a minor character in Condemned: Criminal Origins. He once worked as a P.E. teacher at St. Joseph's Secondary School, and is the The Torturer's final victim.

Condemned: Criminal Origins[]

After Ethan Thomas and Rosa Angel conclude that the Torturer is next on SKX's list, they set out to find him. The two discover that Samuel Tibbits, a former teacher at St. Joseph's School, has gone missing after going to the police with information on the Torturer, who is revealed to be one of his former students. Ethan and Rosa head to the school, where they believe Tibbits and the Torturer are located.

As Ethan searches the school, he finds a number of disturbing clues, including a pair of lips on a chalkboard and a severed arm stuck in a basketball hoop. Ethan then experiences a vision of a frightened and mutilated Tibbits stumbling about in the locker room and hiding inside one of the lockers. By the time Ethan arrives at the locker room, no body is found, prompting Rosa to suggest checking inside the lockers.


Ethan finds Tibbits' corpse, which has heavy facial damage and a missing left arm. Ethan proceeds to take a photo of the body, only to discover that Tibbits is still barely alive. Tibbits informs Ethan that it was Anderson who did this to him, and that another man knocked Anderson out and took him away. Ethan then orders Rosa to call an ambulance, but Tibbits dies of blood loss before she can do so.

When Ethan gets near the shower block, he'll hear some eerie vent sounds and if he gets back to Tibbits' corpse, it won't be there. When Ethan jumps into the pool, Tibbits' corpse will fall down from the skyglass, though this seems to be a hallucination as when the fighting stops, it disappears again. It could be that Tibbits' corpse disappearing was no hallucination, just that the crawlers got it as food.