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Weapon Type: Firearm

Featured in: Condemned: Criminal Origins Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Occurrence: Average

Damage: High
Rate of Fire: Low
Accuracy: Low
Shots per clip: 5 (Single Player) 4-8 (Multiplayer)

The Shotgun is a weapon that appears in both games. In Condemned: Criminal Origins, the shotgun is based on the Winchester Model 1897. In Condemned 2: Bloodshot, the shotgun is instead a Winchester Model 1912 with a sawed-off barrel and stock. Despite the change, the shotgun's stats are generally the same in both games; The shotgun is an extremely powerful close range weapon that holds a maximum of five shots and has a low rate of fire due to the pump-action.

The shotgun also appears in Condemned 2's multiplayer in both "Crime Scene" and "Bum Rush" as a selectable starting weapon for the SCU faction


  • In Condemned 2: Bloodshot, the shotgun's ammo capacity varies depending on which game mode it is used. In Singleplayer, the shotgun holds 5 shots. In "Bum Rush", it holds 8 shots. In "Crime Scene" mode, the shotgun only holds 4 shots.