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Shovel 288x288-1-

Weapon Type: Melee

Weapon Category: Special Melee
Featured in: Criminal Origins, Bloodshot
Occurrence: Rare

Damage: High
Speed: Very Low
Reach: Very High

The Shovel is a melee weapon that appears in Condemned: Criminal Origins and its sequel. It does a lot of damage and has a very long reach, but attacks slowly. In addition to its use as a weapon, it can be used to break electrical locks on gates. The shovel is of the variety that had a flat, square blade. This blade shape results in the disadvantage of the blade covering a significant portion of the player's field of view.


  • In the Practice Arena in Bloodshot Fight Club, the shovel does not stop enemies from doing their actions like a normal attack. Instead they will shout in pain and attack with not a returning strike but an average attack as if the player had not attacked at all but they will take damage.