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The Taser is a weapon used by Ethan Thomas in both games. It momentarily stuns enemies, allowing the player to steal their weapons or take an easy shot at them. It is especially helpful against enemies with firearms, but is often ineffective against boss enemies.

Condemned: Criminal Origins[]

Ethan begins the game with the taser, and the player gains access to it after Detective Dickenson reminds Ethan to use it if he finds himself in a sticky situation. The taser can be used at any time to stun an enemy, but the player must wait until the battery is fully recharged before using it again. The taser is not available in the final level. An upgraded taser can be found in the library. It knocks enemies down, at which point any attack will kill them. It can also kill some weaker enemies instantly.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot[]

The taser reappears in the sequel, now renamed the Stun Gun. Ethan only receives it after beating the game's third level, the Commuter Tracks, and can use it for the remainder of the game. Unlike the previous game, the stun gun's battery does not recharge automatically; instead, Ethan must collect fresh batteries, which can often be found in the SCU lockers scattered across various levels.

The number of batteries the stun gun can hold depends on the final score obtained in Commuter Tracks; a bronze rating gives the stun gun two batteries, a silver rating gives the stun gun three batteries, and a gold rating gives the stun gun five batteries.

In addition to stunning enemies, the player can also burn enemies to death by first throwing a liquor bottle at them, and then firing the stun gun.