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The Alcohol Demon

The Alcohol Demon is a character appearing in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. He is a hallucinatory figure and is one of Ethan's personal demons. He appears as a masked version of Ethan, but with a different voice.

The Alcohol Demon is killed by Ethan during the Magic Theater level, only to be later replaced by another demon, Acceptance. He is voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo, who also voices Ethan.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot[]

The Alcohol Demon is seen regularly throughout Bloodshot, usually giving Ethan helpful hints. Despite this, Ethan views the Alcohol Demon as an antagonist and tries desperately to ignore him. He first appears in Rock Bottom, on Channel 10, where he tries to convince Ethan that he must find Malcolm Vanhorn. He later appears in the SCU hallucination, telling Ethan not to follow Officer Pennington, as he is already dead. He also appears in the opening cutscene of Black Lake Lodge, where he warns Ethan about Director Farrel's motives before manipulating Ethan into killing the pilot, which causes the plane to crash.

Ethan finally confronts and kills the Demon in a struggle in the Magic Theater, effectively "curing" his alcoholism. However, the Demon re-emerged in the opening cutscene of "The Peninsula". He then reveals that he is representing all of Ethan's inner demons, as Alcohol is merely one of them. He convinces Ethan to accept what he really is, "The Remedy", who is destined to destroy the Oro and save the world.

Battle Strategy[]

The Alcohol Demon starts the battle at the opposite end of the room and is always armed with a baseball bat. The quickest and easiest way to kill the Demon is to pick up the nearby liquor bottle from the bar and throw it at the Demon before hitting him with the taser. This will set the Demon on fire, killing him instantly. Another method is to bum rush the Demon and force him to drop his weapon, which can then be used against him.


  • Once the Alcohol Demon is defeated, Ethan's aim when using firearms will no longer need to be steadied by consuming alcohol.