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Concept art of the Bum

The Bum is a unnamed, minor character appearing in Condemned 2: Bloodshot albeit, only in the first level, Rock Bottom. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot[]

Shortly after Ethan Thomas is kicked out of the bar for attacking Inferi, the bum approaches Ethan and offers him shelter from the cold weather, to which Ethan simply refuses. The bum then proceeds to mock Ethan, saying he smells worse than he does, which causes Ethan to become angry. Not wanting another enemy, The bum attempts to make amends with Ethan by sharing with him his some of his "secret stash".

Ethan follows the bum into an alley, where the stash is supposedly stored. However, the bum quickly becomes furious upon discovering that Inferi and his gang have broken in and consumed it all. He begins kicking the fence Inferi is sleeping behind. After waking up, Inferi threatens and insults the pair, calling them "stinking drunks" and a "couple of losers". The bum becomes frightened and suggests that he and Ethan leave. Instead, Ethan sticks around and fights off the waves of thugs Inferi sends after them.

The bum is last seen hiding behind a dumpster cheering Ethan on as he beats up the thugs. He can be heard telling Ethan to "look out" right before Inferi knocks him out with a brick. After that, the bum's fate is unknown, as he does not appear any other time in the game, though it can be assumed that he fled the scene while Ethan was unconscious.


  • The Bum's name is never mentioned. In the subtitles and mission objectives, he is simply referred to as "Bum".
  • Additionally, it is never revealed what the Bum's "secret stash" consists of, though it is most likely alcohol. This can be referenced by the numerous empty alcohol bottles next to Inferi and his gang.
  • Another bum with an identical voice but different character model is encountered in the Walker Doll Factory.