Ethan about to investigate a victim of the MatchMaker

The Match Maker
is a serial killer appearing in Condemned: Criminal Origins. The Match Maker is best known for murdering young women and then posing them with male mannequins. These mannequins are always disfigured, often with some sort of mark on the face.

Condemned: Criminal OriginsEdit

The game starts off with Ethan Thomas arriving at Weisman Office Building, which is the scene of one of his murders. Ethan chases down a man he thinks is the Match Maker, but is later revealed to be SKX. Ethan eventually proceeds to the Match Maker's hideout in Bart's Department Store, where he finds a male body in a dressing room posed with a female mannequin. Ethan is able to recognize him due to the missing index finger on his right hand.

Condemned 2013-05-21 22-15-14-47

The Match Maker as he is found in Bart's Department Store.


  • The Match Maker's mannequins make an appearance in a hallucination in the Commuter Tracks level in Condemned 2: Bloodshot, blocking Ethan from turning back. This is most likely a reference to the hallucination Ethan experiences in the Department Store level from the first game.
  • The face on the cover of Condemned: Criminal Origins may very well be the victim seen in the first chapter of the game.