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The Thief, preparing to execute Ethan

The Thief is a boss enemy encountered in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Fought in the City Museum level, the Thief is a large and powerful Vandal dressed head-to-toe in Knight armor and wielding a Battle Axe.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot[]

Throughout the Museum level, Ethan Thomas encounters numerous vandals who have broken into the museum and stolen pieces of armor as well as weapons from the Medieval display. However, towards the end of the level, Ethan is attacked by a particularly large vandal in full armor. As Ethan lays on the ground, the Thief prepares to execute him, though Ethan manages to escape. The Thief later reappears, tackling Ethan down a flight of stairs. This time, Ethan and the Thief engage in a bloody battle that ends with Ethan decapitating the Thief with his own axe.

Battle Strategy[]

Unlike the other enemies fought in the Museum, the Thief's armor covers his entire body, granting him immunity to almost any attack, including the Taser. His axe is also extremely powerful, capable of killing Ethan in a few hits. Thankfully, the Thief is very slow, and whenever he swings his axe, it will get stuck in the ground, leaving him vulnerable. It is possible to parry an attack of his battle axe, however he does not take any damage.

The first time Ethan encounters the Thief, he knocks Ethan to the ground, though Ethan will automatically dodge his next attack. At this point, the player does not have to fight him, but instead must outrun him, which isn't very difficult. Once the Thief walks on the large scaffold, it will collapse under his weight and he will fall to the bottom floor.

The Thief reappears shortly after, knocking Ethan down a long staircase. To fight the Thief, the player must wait for him to swing his axe and get it stuck in the ground. The player must then attack the straps on his back to cut off his armor. There are plenty of weapons in the area that enable the player to do this, but the best choice would be the crossbow, due to its range. Once the Thief's flesh is exposed, the player must then attack him until he falls to his knees. There will be a prompt telling the player to kill the Thief. Press the action button and Ethan will pick up the Thief's axe, kick him to the floor, and chop his head off.


  • The Thief appears to be incapable of speech, instead mumbling and grunting madly.
  • The Thief is the only enemy in the Museum level to wear a full set of armor.
  • When playing on FPS mode, a headshot will not kill the Thief, due to his helmet.