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Carl Anderson, also known as "The Torturer", is a serial killer who appears in Condemned: Criminal Origins. He is best known for never actually killing anyone himself, instead, Anderson would torture his victims before letting them go just so he could hunt to the point where they'd commit suicide.

Early Life[]

As a young man, Carl Anderson attended St. Joseph's Secondary School where he'd eventually work as a janitor.

He later made the school his own personal hideout when it fell into ruin, carrying out his plans there. He first revealed his disturbing ideas to a P.E. teacher, a man named Samuel Tibbits, when he was 17-years-old.

Tibbits would later become one of Anderson's last victim after having revealed his secret.

Modus Operandi[]

Anderson would capture his victims and torture them in horrible ways before letting them go, although never actually letting them escape. Not wanting to endure anymore torture, the victims would normally end up committing suicide, and Anderson would never actually have to kill anyone.

In Criminal Origins, he does this to Samuel Tibbits by cutting off his arm and lips before releasing him.

Condemned: Criminal Origins[]

Following the discovery of The Match Maker's corpse at Bart's Department Store, Ethan Thomas theorizes that a "Serial Killer X" may be targeting known murderers and that Carl Anderson, "The Torturer", may be next.

At St. Joseph's School, Ethan finds clues of Tibbit's gruesome murder, including facial tissue stuck to a chalkboard with the words "Loose Lips, Sink Ships" scrawled in chalk on the board and a severed arm hanging from a basketball hoop in the Gym, eventually discovering Tibbits' mutilated body standing upright in a locker.

Believing Tibbits to be dead, Thomas attempts to take a photograph for Rosa, only to have Tibbits awaken and reveal that it was indeed Carl Anderson who tortured him. After seeking refuge inside the locker, Tibbits witnessed a man knock Anderson out and drag him off.

Anderson is next seen in the Apple Seed Orchard, in one of Ethan's psychic visions, in which Anderson impales himself on a fire poker after having been driven insane by SKX's torture.

Upon arriving at the scene, Ethan finds Anderson's body in the center of a room, the poker still in his stomach. Coming up with a plan, Thomas decides to hide the body in a wardrobe and swaps clothes with it in order to fool SKX.


  • Of the four known victims of SKX, the Torturer is the one we're given the most information on; including his full name, early history, how he committed his crimes and who his final victim was.