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Tony Rhodes is a news reporter featured in Condemned 2: Bloodshot reporting for Channel 10 News on both television and radio. He is only ever seen as a photograph of a man holding a microphone. In the game, Tony hosts a segment called "Streets" where he attempts to get a closer look at the cause of all the violence and mayhem in the city by spending time on the city streets and interviewing those who have been influenced by the Oro's power. Rhodes is present at many of the scenes Ethan Thomas visits, although the player never actually meets him in person. He is killed live, on the air, during the Peninsula chapter, after being captured and dissected by several Oro members while trying to infiltrate their secret hideout. Rhodes' last message is read on-air by anchor Sarah Brenton.

Tony Rhodes is voiced by Dave B. Mitchell

TV and Radio Recordings[]

Preston Hotel[]

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Doll Factory[]

City Museum[]

Black Lake Lodge[]

Trenton District[]

The Barge[]