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Matchmaker crime scene

The crime scene at the Weisman Office Building

The Weisman Office Building is an abandoned office building that appears to be undergoing renovations, acting as the setting for the first chapter of Condemned: Criminal Origins. The chapter starts with Ethan Thomas (along with Detective Dickenson and Officer Becker) investigating a crime scene. They find that a woman has been murdered there, and conclude that the murderer was the Match Maker, a well-known serial killer who always poses his victims with mannequins that have disfigured faces. The crime scene includes a table with the disfigured mannequin at one end and victim strangles and lying on the ground at the other end. The walls have eyes sketched all over them and are lined with smaller child-like mannequins with their faces removed.

The bottom floor includes the crime scene and the higher floors have construction equipment laying about with wall framing and insulation being built into the crumbling structure.

During the investigation, the power went out, and Ethan had to find the electrical room to reset the fuse box. When he got there, he was attacked by SKX, who then killed Dickenson and Becker after they tried to arrest him. Because he used Ethan's handgun to kill them, it appeared that Ethan was the killer, and was then forced to elude the police and SCU agents while trying to track down the real killer.